Friday, April 12, 2013

Thirft Shop Finds

First things first.
Thank you to everyone that has stopped over at the Moda Bake Shop 
and left me such nice comments!
I hope you have enjoyed the blanket tutorial.
I am so grateful for such wonderful followers.

Now let me take a minute and share some of my week so far.
I stopped at the thrift shop by my house and found the BEST things on Tuesday.

Some vintage Pyrex bowls, 2 Fostoria glasses and a Napco figurine!!!

I thought I would share how my cubbies are filling up.  
I have no idea how I will stuff the other 15 bins worth of fabric into them!!  

Aiden thinks I am just not looking at things in the right orientation! 

Maybe I should employ her cat logic.  
What do you think??

More to share later.  
Got to run right now.



Tammy said...

What fabulous finds for you. I found a couple of small pieces of vintage fabrics at the thrift shop in teh ciuty this week. Nothing really pretty but fabric and vintage all the same...Who could resist it.

dianne said...

she IS a BRILLIANT kitty, but i'm not so sure about her cat logic - i tried looking at the picture upside down and ended up getting dizzy ... you have a LOT more blue than any other color, don't you?!?

Brenda said...

Love your finds! I think I forgot to come back and tell you how great the new tutorial is and I think I will be using it. I have a co-working that is having a baby this summer and I hope to make it ups quick after I get back from my late May vacation. I will have to decide on the fabric in the meantime.

Crispy said...

I love your finds. I remember Mom had a set of bowls like that.


c said...

I think AIden is spot on today-lol
My little furrgirl went to visit the vet this morning and have a stay over due to her being sick, and I miss her so much. I think your pillowcases are wonderful too.

eva said...

i think Aiden should sort out your fabric.

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