Thursday, April 18, 2013

Stash Enhancement and Thrifting

Yes I have been shopping. 
I hit the local thrift shop twice this week and scored both times!   
I don't have a photo of the first one but here is the latest score.

Two very nice vintage sheet Pillowcases, a Pyrex dish and that adorable swan made in Japan.  
I am going to turn the swan into a pin cushion!  
Stay tuned for that in the near future.

I have been watching all the tea towel quilts that are popping up online.  
Two of my favorite are from Dianne's and Sophie's
 I have been scouring the internet looking for the perfect tea towel. 
 Apparently so are others! 
 Every time I see one I want I get outbid. 
 I finally did win one and it is signed by Tammis Keefe.  
There is a small hole near the signature but 
I am going to put a little interfacing behind it with some fray check and use it anyway.  
I love the colors and had to do a wee bit of shopping to get the perfect match!  
I think I did quite well. 

 Notice the 2 fox prints in there? 
I could not resist using the fox in the hen house!  

I am beginning to warm up to the aqua/teal and mustard combination.  
Do you like those together?

I bought a couple other prints too. 
 Not sure if I will use the 2 blue prints or not. 
 I need better light to evaluate it by.  
The text print was just because I love it so much!

It was dark this morning so the colors are not very true in these blue prints. 

I have my Swoon top all done and now am piecing a couple of blocks for the back.
  If it ever stops raining long enough for the ground to dry up I will take it outside for a picture.  
With all that white in the quilt I sure don't want to chance dirt getting on it!  

I decided I will not share the back of the quilt until it is finished and gifted 
b/c I am doing something super special for the bridal couple.  
Guess you will have to check back in August for that one! 

Any suggestions for a good mustard gold or aqua/teal or 
that weird dark, slate/almost navy blue in the rooster fabric for me?? 
 Maybe I can find something at the Fat Quarter Shop?  
Open to your suggestions!!



sophie said...

i love your tea towel. For what it's worth, when making my challenge quilt, I decided to suspend disbelief and stay true to the limited color palette in the tea towel and it turned out pretty well I think. I can't wait to see what you make from yours.

I also think the little ceramic swan is going to make an amazing pincushion. You did well at the thrift store.

Crispy said...

Love the tea 50's-ish. The first thing I thought of was red because red was used so often in counter tops back then, but then I think red goes with everything :0)


Brenda said...

Love your tea towel....wondering as I sit here if my mother still has any that she used to collect. Must ask the next time I talk to her. Afraid she has probably given them all away.

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