Thursday, January 02, 2014

A Little Late To The Party

I feel like I am a little late to the posting party.  
Everyone has talked about what they did in 2013 and goals for 2014. 
 I have not pulled together my goals for 2014. 
 I want a little bit more time to think about that. 
I did manage to make a mosaic of most of the projects I finished in 2013. 
 It looks like 17 quilts/projects but I actually made three of those Halloween tumbler quilts..  
So my grand total of handmade items was 21 for the year.
 I also finished the binding on a Christmas quilt that I had started last year and 
gifted that for Christmas but I don't have any photos of that!

Three charity quilts, 3 baby quilts, 2 wedding quilts, one comfort quilt, 2 quilts for the Moda Bake Shop 
and one quilt that was published in a magazine. 
 I would say that it was a pretty good year as far as crafting went.  
I have some exciting things planned for 2014, so I hope you come back and visit in the new year.
 I hope you find some inspiration when you do!

I already have a few quilts in the hopper too. 
 A wedding quilt that I need this month, two baby quilts and at least one graduation quilt. 
 I'm probably forgetting some but that's what I have in my personal que. 
 I have a few more that I have started on but can't share at the moment.

I hope you all got to do something you enjoy on January 1st.
  I was watching the MSU Spartans WIN THE 100TH ROSE BOWL!!! 
 I am one proud Spartan over here. 
 Here's to a healthy and happy 2014!



MAKingsley said...

Hi, I've been following your blog for a few months. You've finished a lot this year. Do you label your quilts? My computer skills are dismal and I really struggle with the printed labels. I like the look of the printed ones though, easier to read. At least if they don't fade right off the fabric.

Michele said...

You had a great year and don't worry about not having your 2014 plans firmed up yet. I just wrote my post today but I've been thinking about it for the past 6 weeks or so.

margaret said...

good to see all you achieved in 2013, re 2014 I am still trying to get motivated, must overcome my dislike of starting anything new, should have made it a resolution for this year but too late now

dianne said...

you STINKPOT!!! how do you keep these things secret?!? ANOTHER Moda Bake Shop treat?!? it is, by the way, really, really suh-weet!!!

dianne said...
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Mama Spark said...

Little Seamstress, I tried to reply to your email but you are a no reply = ( I do label my quilts. I use various methods. If I have the time and the quilt warrants, I will embroider a label. Sometimes I write directly on the back of the quilt. I also have twill tape and had a rubber stamp made that says "Mama Spark's Quilts" and I stamp on the twill tape and put that on the back diagonally and sew it inside the binding. I think I have pics of most of these things in various posts.

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