Monday, January 20, 2014

My Weekend and The Great Fabric Destash

I had a pretty good weekend.  
We went to Grand Rapids to see my dad and sister, as we usually do. 
 We stopped at Aunt Betty's for breakfast as we usually do.  
They had chocolate mousse birthday cake. 

The drive was poor due to snow and ice, as usual. 
 We ran around as usual.  
We took my dad out and had a nice time. 

We took him to Meijer for groceries and sundires and he learned how to drive the cart. 


Then we went out for an early dinner at the Crooked Goose
If you have the chance to eat there you totally should.
My hubby's was my favorite.
Fried bologna sandwich
It had coleslaw and Mrs. Dog's mustard, so amazingly yummy!
 It was really good food and my dad even ate most of his dinner!! 

Brought him back to his apartment and visited for a bit then 
off to Cabela's for hubby while I met up with an Instagram friend to trade some fabric. 
Hi wwwwindylou!!! 
We met on Instagram through another friend Kritta22 (Hi Kritta!!) 
Windy and I met up at Bigby.  
Realized we have fabric and cats in common (I have 4 and she has 8)!!  
We are trading again in the very near future too.  
Love making new friends. 
 We are thinking about planning a quilt retreat/meet up for some IG friends.  
We are in MI so if you are interested please let me or Windy know!  
(Isn't she so cute??)

I made hubby stop at Field's Fabrics too before we got to dad's and 
picked up some fabric for my friend Robin and some of this cool ostrich print for me.

I also picked up some Detroit sports fabric for a quilt for my DD's BFF, 
Andy who is serving right now.  
He is an Appache helicopter pilot and asked for a quilt featuring 
all the professional sports teams of Detroit. 
I managed to find the Pistons and the Lions but the Tigers and Red Wings were eluding me.  
No licensed fabric for those teams. 
 I did find some scrubs with Tiger fabric on them for a reasonable price so bought those to cut up.

Now I need to search for some Red Wings.  
If you have a source please hook me up!

Did you participate in #thegreatfabricdestash this past week? 
 It was super crazy but awesome.  
The UK quilters just did one and the Aussies are going to do one too.  
There is also a new IG #ISOfabric.  
If you are In Search Of (ISO) you can put what you are ISO in that # and 
LOTS of people will be able to see it and maybe help you out. 
 Loving IG.  
I wasn't so sure at first but it is a lot of fun!!

OK more later.  
I hope you had a great weekend too.  
(I managed to sneak in a little sewing in between the laundry and grocery shopping on Sunday too)



Beth said...

How about an old RedWings tshirt? I looked for fleece and NHL was pretty much a no go. You might also print a logo on fabric on your printer. I used a printing service online, but I doubt they would let you print something that was licenced. I have the same problem with Red Sox....

Rosebud said...

Found Red Wings fabric at Spoonflower -
and if you google "detroit tigers fabric" or "detroit tigers fabric sale" you'll find lots of fabric. Glad to help since I really enjoy your emails. Thank you. L.

Brenda said...

Where is the Crooked Goose? I have not heard of it...I expect somewhere around my old stomping grounds. Have not tried out IG yet. Maybe I should.

Linda B in MI said...

a retreat....will be back north in the texas out of the snow.

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