Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Some Fabric Finds

On Sunday I decided to run some errands.  
One was to stop at JAF just to look around.
  I was thinking about getting some pictures framed and took those with me.
  I didn't end up doing it though because they didn't really have what I wanted as far as framing.  
I may end up painting my own frames, but time will tell.  

I thought well, it wouldn't hurt to look around. 
 I had some gift cards from Christmas. 
 YIKES, I should have exited the store right then!  
But I didn't.  
Instead I bought fabric I did not need. 
 It was so cute I just could not leave without it! 
 Most of it I will make chenille blankest with as it is too cute to cut up. 
 I did buy a little extra so I could fussy cut some of the things out of it though.  
Want to see what I bought?

This one is flannel and I will use for the back of a quilt...eventually, LOL.

I have no idea what I will use this for but it is flannel also so probably the back of a cat quilt. 
 It is sparkly!!!

These two I will use for chenille blanket backs.  
The top one is all forest animals and the bottom one is Red Riding Hood kitties!! 

This one and the next one were in juvenile fabrics and are 100% cotton but a heavier weight.  
Also will use for chenille backs.  
That gray fox is so cute!

This print is my favorite from the whole group.  
That fox is quite large, maybe 5 inches or so.  
I fell in love with her though!

I also bought some artist canvas to try out Amanda Jeans Modge Podge Ticker Tape wall quilt idea.
Just one more way to use up scraps!

I took the dog out yesterday and thought I would share a video of her enjoying our snow. 
 It's good someone loves it!



~Diana said...

My daughter loves foxes...I can't believe how many fabrics there are now. Fun finds!

Lisa said...

I like to make the cut chenille blankets where you use several layers of flannel and then one focus print for the back. I absolutely LOVE the last fox print you posted. Can't wait to go to a JAF while I'm in Nashville next week!

margaret said...

some very nice fabrics here, I think I like the cat one best

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