Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fabric Purchases

I have been trying to be good.  
Really I have, but it just is NOT working! 
 I bought a few things in #thegreatfabricdestash so thought I would share what I picked up.  
Maybe it will excuse my purchasing? 
 Probably not but it was fun!

First up these Tula Pink Full Moon Forest owls.  
They were a little pricey but I am oh so thrilled to have them!

My next purchase was some more Neptune.  
Can a girl really have too much Neptune?  
I think NOT!
I am almost finished collecting this line.  Just 2 more prints to go!

Another purchase in #thegreatdestash was this FQ bundle of Swell.  OMG I was so excited to get this!!  Now I am done purchasing Sweet and Swell.  
Can't wait to plan out a quilt or 2 using these gorgeous fabrics!

Just in case you didn't know, Pink Castle was having a skinny bolt sale.  
Again, not one to pass up a good deal, 
especially when in need of some low volume fabric for some baby quilts.

I saw this yellow with sunshine written all over it and look how cute it looks with that navy.
This one is going to be a baby quilt for sure.

I am not sure of the name of this one but it is by Art Gallery and it is PERFECT for another baby quilt.
I have a pattern in mind for both of these quilts now I just need time to work.
I also need my dad to stay out of the hospital so I can work, 
but it seems like that is just not going to happen for me. 
 He went back into the hospital again last night. 
 I don't know all the details but will have to call the hospital today and find out.
He keeps getting UTI's and that's what landed him back there.

This is that same fabric in aqua.  
I love it so much!! 
 That Luna will be perfect for what I have in mind to do with this too. 
All three quilts will be the same but I know they will all turn out so different!

The last purchase is for making more of those airplanes I have hanging around 
waiting to have additions of so they can become a quilt.  
Or maybe they will be the words.  
Who knows. 
 It will NOT be happening for awhile though.
Baby quilts must be made!

Thinking about making diaper covers too.  
Anyone out there have suggestions for a good pattern and source for the PUL?

Last but certainly NOT least I could not resist the lure of the cats!
Oh Lizzy House you have out done yourself with this line.

Cat Nap

I did limit myself to my three favorites in the line. 
 I could just eat that front one right up it is so adorable!
They are even cuter in person than they look online.

Pink Castle still has lots of these if you "need" some also.

What fabrics have caught your eye lately?



Unknown said...

Heyyyy there. I see your still collecting the Tula Pink! Well this answered my question from yesterday. Good finds. Love the Neptune also! Let me know what you pic for a pattern Im curious. Ive had my eye out for one also.

liz said...

Gosh, sure do love that yellow sunshine print. Any chance there is some information on the selvage? I would love to search it out. I know you are busy with your Dad, so understand if this isn't a priority. So enjoy your blog.

Quilt n Queen said...

Great the Swell bundle and the sunshine fabric is sEw sweet. Hope you week is stress free!!

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