Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Flat Jack Needs Our Help

I just have a few minutes but wanted to write a post asking for my friends in Blog land's help.

I have a co-worker that has a grandson named Jack.  
Jack is in the second grade and his class is doing a geography project.  
Each student in the class made a "flat" version of themselves to be send around the US and the rest of the world. 
 I printed Flat Jack (FJ) out and put him on a stick. 
 I took FJ to Canada and then to St Thomas with me. 
 I wrote a little tale about where he went and what he did. 
 Jack's class is competing with another second grade class to see which class can log the most miles.  

I am asking anyone out there that might have a few minutes to print out a copy of FJ and take some photos around where you live, write the story and send it to his teacher, Mrs Pipkorn 
(I would love a copy too).  

Her email address is

It does not need to be anything too elaborate, just where he "visited" and what he did.  
Unfortunately my FJ washed out to sea in St Thomas!  LOL

 If you can't print it from that just email me at

and I will send you a copy of FJ and the note from his teacher.

So far that I know he has been to Japan, China, Brazil, St Thomas, Canada, the Netherlands, Oklahoma and Michigan.  

So if you are willing to help out a wee second grader and help him learn geography and win the contest please let me know!

FJ's travel needs to be finished by May 15th.

All of the miles add up!!

Just so you can see him  here he is on the beach

And here he is with Sammy Swan at the swan festival

It was a great conversation starter! 

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help!!



Annemiek said...

We're having fun with a cardstock Jack in our backpack :) Travelling Jack is with my DD now, after spending an afternoon in the capital of our province: 'sHertogenbosch. (I'd love to hear you pronounce that LOL) We'll sent him home as soon as we have all our pics together!

Vickie said...

Pam please send me a Flat Jack! I would love to do this but I can't print him off. Here is my e-mail:! Thanks!

Joanne Lendaro said...

Will be a host for Flat Jack here in New Hampshire, but couldn't get the link to work....send him to me and I'll play along.

margaret said...

best of luck Jack on your ventures, sorry unable to help as my computer has decided not to link to my printer anymore, have tried to re install it but it will not accept it, if I have success will try and take Jack for a walk around Leeds but it is unlikely

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