Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Two Color Binding Tutorial

My friends on IG have asked me to show them how I did a two color binding. 
 I Googled it and there are several good tutorials out there on the web. 
 I will list a few here:

They are all good ones.  

Here is what my binding turned out like.

I will run through how I did this and
 if you want to see it another way please visit the other tutorials I listed above!  
This idea is not original to me and I learned from the Quiltin Queen.

I will show you how I did it and 
this will make it easier for me to find it if I want to do it again in the future too!

I am going to assume you already know how to make regular double fold binding 
so no need to go into all that.  

Choose your fabrics for your binding.  I used the blue for the front and yellow for the back.

Cut your binding strips for the back side 1 7/8".  
Cut enough of them to go all the way around your quilt and join them as you usually do.

 Cut your binding strips for the front 1" wide.  
Cut enough of them to go all the way around your quilt and join them as you usually do.

Once you have all your strips joined to form one really long strip of each color then you need to sew those strips together like this.

I trimmed the end off of the place where I would begin.

I pressed to the dark side of the binding.

My binding width was 2 3/8" at this point when I measured it.

Just as you would for regular double fold binding you will 
press your strip wrong sides together to form your double fold binding.

Place the binding as you usually do with the raw edges of the binding to the raw edges of the quilt.  

Make sure that the front color (in my case the navy) is right sides to the front of the quilt.  

What you will see when you do this is just the back side of the binding. 

I was skeptical that this was going to work but it does. 
 Attach the binding using 1/4" seam and using your walking foot.

After it is attached you can see when I push it back, as if to turn it to the back, 
the navy really is on the front.  
I usually press the binding away from the quilt at this point. 
 It seems to make things easier when I turn the binding to the back for the hand stitching part.

I was shocked to find that it really did work and 
the binding was actually really easy to prepare, attach and turn.  

Will I do this for every quilt?
 Probably not, but there are rare occasions when this will be the perfect way to bind a quilt.  
Like it was for this quilt!

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial and would love to hear if you give it a try!  



beaquilter said...

Such a great idea! I DO want to try this, also would work if you're just SHORT on the fabric you REALLY wanted for the binding, often I don't care what's on the backing, so the back of the binding I wouldn't care about either.

margaret said...

such a good tutorial, I do not think I am accurate enough to do a two tone binding, maybe I should practise on something very small

nancy b. said...

Beautiful! I'm shocked as well, just figured when I saw the title that you would sew equal sized strips together and apply as usual...still have to ponder this and figure out why I'm shocked! Ha. Thanks for sharing, have to try this!

Unknown said...

I just used this technique... worked perfectly. Thank you! 💕

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