Wednesday, August 06, 2014

A2MQG Crayon Quilt Challenge

Our guild is having a new guild challenge.  
At the last meeting we had to blindly choose a crayon out of a paper bag.  
Here was my choice

So crazy as it sounds I have very little of this color in my stash!  
The rules were you can only use this color plus white and/or gray and/or black for the whole quilt!!
I have a very good idea of what I want to do now 
but need to actually have time to sit down and design it.  
I found a painting that I love and asked the artist if I could make it into a quilt and she said yes!! 
 I don't really want to show it just yet though.  I
 will show sneak peeks as I progress, but right now it it just in my head, soon to be on graph paper!

I joined the kitty cat mini quilt swap on IG so am excited to get my partner and stalk look her up so
 I can begin to plan that quilt too.  

I am making poloroids again and got all my Halloween charm squares cut and ready to mail.  

No more napkins!!!  

BUT I do have a Tardis quilt that was promised to get working on.  

What are you up to these days??



dianne said...

i love just about any color that has the words "violet" or "ourple", but i don't have much in the stash because i tend to use it all up ...... right now i am working on another Snow Days embroidery and mountains for the next border of Frozen (aka Over the River) and a skull (skalle, as Bones would say) for the center of Skalle and a setting for the Lewis & Clark blocks from Hancock Fabric's BOM a million years ago ...... oh yeah - and embroidery petals for Susan's Dresden Garden ... lots of slow-going projects that just never seem to get anywhere! and i have a binding to sew down, but it is just too doggone hot to have a quilt on my lap... said...

I can't wait to see what you come up with! I love red, but I don't have a ton of it in my stash which is kind of funny.

margaret said...

sounds a big challenge to me but you are already halfway there is you know what you are going to do, best of luck

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