Wednesday, August 27, 2014

More Weekend Fun

The fun of my weekend continued on Saturday.  

First thing in the morning Ann and I hit up the Farmer's Market.  
If you ever get a chance to go to this in Muskegon you should.  
It was one of the nicest Farmer's Markets I have been to.

My friend, Windy, met up with Ann and I at the quilt shop in Holland, Pressing Matters.  
What a nice shop!  
Ann was collecting the Row By Row patterns so I got them too. 
 Plan on passing them along to another friend.  
I probably spent the most money at this shop filling out my Scrumptious stash.

I also picked up some Marmalade and Miss Kate

 More Miss Kate

I ended up with this pattern as well.  
I thought it was so neat!  
It kind of reads like the Yellow Brick Road pattern. 
 I'm not sure what fabric I will use in this but I definitely want to make it and soon!

Then we headed off to a shop in Allegan, called Sharon's Quilts and More
 I picked up some of my favorite needles, some Best Press and some Full Moon Forest!!!

The next stop was a shop called Dancing Dogs quilt shop in Plainwell.  
This is the shop that Ann wanted to get the lighthouse Row By Row pattern at.

Windy regaled us with stories of Plainwell as we were driving along.  
Next stop was in Kalamazoo at the Bernina Sewing Center.  
I think Windy bought some backing fabric here and Ann got a Michigan Tech pattern.  

We were pretty hungry so we decided to stop for lunch at Bilbos.  
Lunch was good and Windy had both of us laughing so hard with her bra fitting stories.  
I think the other folks in the place were traumatized, LOL!!!

The final stop on our shop hop was in South Haven at So South Haven.  
I believe they are only open seasonally.  
Cute shop and the owner was super friendly!

On the way back we saw this crazy blue cow ice cream place and 
decided that we needed to stop in and have some ice cream.  
It was the Sherman Dairy Bar and the ice cream was fantastic!

We were all pooped with our big travels of the day.  
We headed back to Holland and dropped Windy off and proceeded home to the cottage.  
I did pull out my stitchery and got quite a bit done for the Kitty Mini Quilt Swap project.

I will finish up the rest of the story tomorrow.  



Monica said...

Sounds like a fun day! I love farmers markets. We have one locally that I like to go to every Saturday. Besides produce, they have food vendors and a large artisan market too. said...

I need to wander to some farmer's markets. But I think before I do I need to hit the farm stands to get some canning done. Love your fabric acquisitions.

sophie said...

Your trip to the farmer's market reminded me of a fun fact I learned while in Michigan. In the US, Michigan is second only to California in the diversity of fruits and vegetables grown there. I love visiting Michigan farmers' markets and farm stands at this time of year.

Anna said...

what a fantastic day! Everything looks healthy for the body and soul, lol

Karen said...

Does the Lemon Peeppee quilt use solids? It looks like a cool guy quilt option.

margaret said...

sounds l;ike a real fun time and that you returned home with a much lighter purse but lots of goodies

Michele said...

It sounds like it was a great day. I'm looking forward to a fall shop hop in November myself.

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