Friday, August 08, 2014

Progress Is Being Made

I promise you I am making progress on all the things!  
I have the second set of Polaroid picture blocks ready to send when the next round is ready to go. 
 I have all my Halloween 5" charms cut and posted!  
I traced 2 Hocuspocusville (HPV, not the virus) blocks and sent one to a friend.  
(Oh yes I did Dianne!!!)
I then turned to the last obligation I have before I begin the next round of making all the things.

I am doing a personal swap with a person I met on Flickr.  
He makes the most amazing Donkey blocks and they are so cute!  
He needed/wanted butterfly blocks in any colors, any size, but all solids.  
I chose a pattern from a previous bee that I had been in.   
Here is what they looked like in process.

After a little sewing they turned into these!

Quite pretty I think!  
I still need to put a white border around them and trim them but I am pretty happy with them.  
I hope he will like them too!

My plan for the evening was to cut out the Tardis quilt but I think it has changed.  
I am doing the kitty mini quilt swap and 
have been struggling to figure out what I want to do for my partner.  
Her favorite fabric is not mine but at least a color palette I can work with. 
 I have toyed with several ideas.  
I think I am going to use this pattern and change some of the words to work with her and her cat. 
 I am planning to do it in redwork.  
I have already made alterations to the pattern (which since this is a secret I can't show you). 
 I will frame it in with pieced work in her color choice.  
If you were receiving this would it make you happy?  

So tonight I will trace this onto fabric and begin stitching.  
I could not be more excited to do this for my partner.  
I hope you like this partner!

THEN, I will begin cutting out the Tardis quilt.  
Also, hubby bought the mother load of corn so apparently there will be canning in my weekend too.  DD2 is coming home from her up north camping trip to celebrate her birthday on Sat 
so it should be a jam packed weekend.

What are you up to tonight?  



Karen said...

The butterfly blocks are really pretty. That is going to be a pretty quilt. said...

Cute butterfly blocks. Love the cats. Someone recently posted a picture of a block that they got for a challenge block that had a cat looking block made out of a quarter dresden block.

Lee said...

The cute cat stitching would make anyone happy! Love the butterfly blocks too!

Michele said...

That is just adorable and I would love it too.

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