Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Glue Basting Binding

I am pretty sure I have written about this previously but I think it bears repeating.  
I was putting binding on my chenille blanket.   
I was going to machine stitch the binding down rather than hand sew it.  
I really did NOT want to hassle with pinning it all the way around 
so decided to bust out the Elmer's washable school glue.  
Here is how I used the glue.

First I attached the binding with my machine like you usually do. 
 Then I pressed the binding away from the sewn line (toward the other side, to make for easier turning).  Then I put down a thin line of glue.

I turned the binding over the glue and using a hot iron pressed the binding down into the glue.
The heat will dry the glue and keep your binding in place.  
If you need to reposition you just give a tug, put down more glue, arrange to your liking and press. 
 I did this all the way around the blanket.  

I began on a straight side and went until about 6" from the corner.  
The I put glue around the corner on both sides and made my miter.  
When I was happy with the positioning of the miter I pressed it into place.

Once I had the entire binding glue basted 
I used some beautiful Aurifil thread to topstitch the binding in place.  
I went very close to the edge as 
my binding just barely covered the stitch line from attaching it on the other side.  

To give credit, I discovered this glue basting tip from Sharon Schamber on You Tube. 
 You can watch how she does it right here.  
It really did not take any longer than pinning and I feel like it increased my accuracy.  

Please let me know if you try it and what you think. 
 Also, with back to school shopping right now Elmer's glue is SUPER cheap so stock up!!

Have a wonderful day and happy binding!



dianne said...

thirty-wonderful is just about the best number ever - congratulations!!! i

just scrolled down and caught up - holy shmoly you HAVE been busy, little mama! the sweet little one will LOVE her warm fuzzies and so will her mommy - the chenille blanket looks so soft and cuddly ... are you gonna be making a stocking for this little one (the quilt's colors look mighty familiar) to match the stockings you made last christmas?

Karen said...

Ok this is pretty cool! I had heard of glue basting but didn't spend time trying to find info on it. Your description is great, thanks for posting :)

LisaAnnB said...

I am also finishing the binding on a faux chennile blanket an just heRd about glue basting. I want to try it as I would also like to machine finish the final edge, did you top stitch meaning the chennile was on top and stitched right next to the folded over edge of binding? Or from the solid cotton backside and the stitches blended into the flannel ruffles? Thank you!

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