Thursday, August 28, 2014

The End Of the Weekend

Sunday was our last day at the lake.  
Oh but don't you worry, we packed some fun into this day too!

First up was a trip to a wonderful breakfast place called Toast and Jams.  
They even had homemade strawberry jam for your toast!    
Aren't these lights fun?  

I had the seafood scrambler and it was awesome!

Then we drove back to the cottage. 
 Every time we were there we saw deer at some point too.  
On Friday morning this was in the front yard.  
There was a mom and dad and 2 babies.

After we got home I started stitching.  
I really wanted to finish this part so I could begin the actual making of the mini quilt.  
Pardon the wrinkles. 
 It is now pressed and I will show you that tomorrow.
I had to cover up the names to protect the innocent 
(or at least to keep my secret partner a secret!)

My friend, Anne Neville challenged me to do the Ice Bucket Challenge. 
 So I put on my swim suit and Ann and I headed to the beach.  
She gleefully (maybe a little too gleefully) filled the bucket up with ALL THE ICE in her freezer and then volunteered to go into the lake and fill it up with water for me too!!  
Gee thanks.  
As you can see the ice all over the sand I did indeed take the challenge. 
 I challenged three other people too.  
My Friends, Cori Jones, Jacquie Gering and Windy Sibberson.  
If you want to see the actual pouring of cold water all over myself you can view it on my FB page.

I then took the opportunity to go swimming in Lake Michigan.  
After all this excitement, we packed up and headed out.  
The drive should have taken us just under 3 hours and it took over 6!!!  
Thank you bridge construction at Lowell. 
 It took us over an hour to drive less than 6 miles. 
 I can honestly say I was happy to be home after that long, long car ride!

Thanks to Ann for a GREAT weekend!!!  I hope we get to do it again sometime.



Sharon E said...

I live an hour from South Haven and Lake Michigan. Isn't the lake just gorgeous? I think it's my favorite spot on earth. I love to lay in the sand and listen to the waves hit the shore. Your breakfast looked yummy! said...

Oh to be able to get away. Unfortunately I am babysitting the ancient ones. I told DH soon I need a get away before the snow flies. Love your pictures and congratulation on the ice bucket challenge.

margaret said...

what a lovely time away you have had. Very brave doing the ice challenge, I am not volunteering for that one.The mini quilt you are making looks lovely, is it something you have designed yourself?

Michele said...

Sounds great, all except for the extended ride home that is.

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