Thursday, September 18, 2014

All Quiet on the Quilting Front

Or so it would appear. 
 I have several things going on in the quilting department but not at any stage to share just yet.  
Soon though.  
Actually anyone that follows me on Instagram probably knows 
what has been taking up my time this week.  
See this?

This is my trunk after a stop at a local market.  Hubby and I are up to our eyeballs in canning!

These have turned into 


Last night we did a half bushel of pickles, both dill and sweet.

We bought some Blue Hubbard squash (first time)  

Does anyone have a good recipe for using Blue Hubbard?

We also bought some sweet potato squash.  Which really just tastes like squash.

Next up are tomatoes, salsa and peaches. 
 So you can see why I have not been making quilts!

Our apple tree is bearing fruit so I imagine those will be in the que to can also.

I do have an idea for my A2MQG secret stalker swap, and have the wedding quilt all cut out.  
Those are on the agenda for the weekend.  
I need to actually design the SS swap quilt and get busy stitching. 
 I am going to embroider part of it.  
I hope my person will be as excited to receive it as I am to make it!

I have not forgotten about the giveaway of scraps either! 
 I have one stuffed Ziploc bag all ready to go. 
 If you have not done so already go to the this post and 
leave me a comment telling me what you would use them for and they could be yours!

OK back to canning!



Unknown said...

Oh my gosh...your photos look familiar. Did you shop at Block's farm stand?

dianne said...

your apples are much, much prettier than the apples on my two trees - most of which are wormy and will go right into the garbage when they eventually fall down ... there was a little tutorial in one of the newspaper food magazines a week or two ago that showed how to core an apple an easier way, so i actually did pick some of the less icky ones and froze some applesauce and enough slices for a couple of pies or crisps - and tried a new recipe for an apple cake (it was pretty good, too - but too much cake for the two of us to eat and still maintain our girlish figures - ha ha ha!!!) ... but now the freezer is full and i don't have to be ambitious anymore... said...

A couple of years ago I did the "great squash" preserve. I cut them in half, get the seeds and stringy stuff out, put them open side down in a baking dish. A little water, cover with foil and "steam/bake" in the oven until tender. Then I scoop it out mix a little butter and store in freezer bags. They keep well that way and we just grab a bag when we want squash.

margaret said...

you are certain;y very busy in the kitchen can see that there is not time to quilt. Have never canned in my life!

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