Thursday, September 04, 2014

Doctor Who?

Yes, that's right, Doctor Who!  My son was wanting a Tardis quilt.  I had no clue.  A what? 
 He showed me exactly what he wanted and then I had to hunt for a pattern.  

"Dear God, please let there be a Tardis pattern so I don't have to design one.  
Thanks in advance. " ~Pam

As proof that He does answer your prayers I was able to find a great one on Craftsy!
Relatively Dimensional by Hunter's Studio.

This pattern was easy to follow and easy to make!
Sam (the designer) designed the words into a FQ on Spoonflower.
Far be it from me to do more work then necessary!!

I bought the panel. 
Actually I bought a yard's worth. 
One would have thought that they would print 4 on a yard.
They printed 1 in the middle of the yard of fabric  *sigh*
Epic fail.
So I live chatted them up and guess what?  
They reprinted it with 4 on a yard AND let me keep the original one.

Gotta love Spoonflower!
I ordered my background fabric from them for this.
It was a Dr Who Gallifreyan print and you can find it here.

Now I will show you what I did with this pattern and how things came out so far.
On Friday I got the lantern done.  

Saturday I began working on adding to things and by lunch time had this done.

I did have a few interruptions though.
"No mom, pay attention to meeeee"

I pushed on and got the entire top finished!
I added another 10 inches to the width to make the finished quilt size 60" x 80"

Sunday was on to the back.  
Some IG friends had given or sold me some left overs of their Spoonflower Dr. Who prints 
so I decided to incorporate them into the back.  
This pieced back took me all day!!!  
Now it is ready to go off to the quilter.  
I have some ideas of how I want it quilted so will be chatting with Kathy about that soon!

Close up of the bottom row

And the top row

My goal for September is to get this quilted and bound so it is ready to gift to my son.

I am linking up to ALYOF over at Fiber of All Sorts to help with this goal.

Next up is working on my Secret Stalker swap project for the A2MQG.

What are you working on?


8 comments: said...

I started watching Dr Who after seeing all the paper pieced blocks. Cool quilt and fabrics.

Kat said...

Cool quilt. I love the pieced back!

Jocelyn said...

We watched Dr Who years ago. It's been so fun to see the quilts. I love the picture of your little helper. High need, huh??

Stacy Hurt said...

Lucky you with all those Dr. Who cast offs! Love it!

Becca said...

I'm still trying to decide who I love enough to make this one for. Great job!

Lucky Duck Dreams said...

Love Dr Who and all the paper pieced blocks

Mary said...

I bought some Doctor Who fabric from Spoonflower and was disppointed in the fabric. It is so course and not very vibrant. How was your fabric experience?

Weaveron Textile said...

this fabric design is amazing

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