Friday, September 12, 2014

My Charity Quilts and A Giveaway


I have a few quilts to share with you that I am giving to Mott's Children's Hospital for the NICU. 
 I will link up with both 100 Quilts for Kids and also Finish it up Friday.

First up is one I made a long time ago but just putting it with the donation quilts.  
It is a chenille blanket.  
I love how the chenille came out on this one!

The back on this one is adorable too!  
I used the dot from one if the DS Quilts fabrics.  I love that print for bindings!

The other one is something I made awhile ago too to use up some of the fabric squares I had cut for another quilt.  
It is very sweet.

I got to use this great Finding Nemo fabric for the back too!  
Some "little" will love this!

The last one is a quilt I made using left over squares cut for a different donation quilt.  
I was actually able to get 2 quilts from all the left over squares by adding white squares in between.  That also allowed me to not have to do so much matching!  
My creative process at work!  

This quilt was small enough that I decided to try quilting it myself.  
I had heard of other people using some of their decorative stitches on their machines by enlarging them to use for the quilting.  
That's what I wanted to do.  
So I chose the number 4 stitch on my machine.  
It made a great wavy stitch.  
Those white squares were just begging for something. 
 Not just white wavy lines.  
Does this give you a clue?

I decided to do straight lines making a rainbow across the quilt like this

Autumn thought it was a GREAT idea!

Look at all that crazy texture!

I used a vintage sheet for the back.  It almost makes it look 3D!

I found some left over pink to use for the binding and it worked perfectly!  
I am very happy to have 3 quilts to donate! 
 I have a second one of these quilts to finish piecing and then will use the same backing and quilting to do another one in the future.  

I think I need to pack up my scraps though and 
send a stuffed FRB off to someone that would love to have them!  
If you pay the postage, they could be yours!!  
Tell me what you would do with a big box of scraps in the comments and 
I will draw a winner from the comments next week Friday.  
I have some pretty great scraps but I need to empty the THREE bins I have so I can get to refilling them again.

So that's it, leave me a comment telling me what you will do with them 
(even it you just want to pet them) 
and make sure there is a valid email address for me to contact you at or I will have to redraw.  

I plan to get that box stuffed tonight so maybe I will post some pictures this week too!!!



roberta mill said...

I would pet them, then use them for charity quilts. One of our guild donations is hospice-size 36" X 60". I use the serpentine/wave all the time on my quilts :)

Mama Spark said...

Roberta- I would love to email you back but you are a "no reply" person. I have directions on how to fix that or you could just include your email in your comment. Thanks!!!

Terri in BC said...

How generous of you! I would add them to my scrap-users system and make scrappy quilts - my goal is to make sure everyone in my family has their own quilt, once that is done, I plan to do baby quilts for the NICU. My email is terri-fisher (at) shaw (dot) ca

Sheri said...

I love your wavy quilting on this quilt! I've used that stitch on a couple of smaller items-- now I'm looking forward to trying it on something bigger.

margaret said...

3 very nice quilts for a charity. I would love the scraps as I am trying to build up a stash but will pass on this as being in the UK the postage will be too high, best of luck to everyone else said...

A scrappy girl can always use scraps. I could add them to my blooming scrap box which needs to be trimmed up again.

Steph Blair said...

No need for scraps here (I can't manage those I already have). I just wanted to say how much I like the quilting on that last one. Great texture.

hadacres said...

Oh my I love the idea of the wavy quilting, I am about to quilt a wedding gift & I hadn't decided yet what to use. That will be a perfect idea.
I love scrap quilts, especially when donated to the local chemo center.
Put my name in the hat, paying postage is the least I can do.

Betty Woodlee said...

I would make a scrappy churn dash quilt.

Angela H. said...

I'm making Dialysis quilts. I love scrappy quilts. They remind me of a time when people quilted to keep their family warm by using whatever kind of fabric they had on hand.

Unknown said...

is this still available? I would be interested - fairly new to quilting and would love to make a quilt like yours with the white squares as my first project on my own. THANKS

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mama Spark said...

Kathleen Easter, if you read in the post I tell you exactly how I did the quilting. It is with a certain stitch on my machine.

craftymom said...

I am a brand new quilter . I have made 2 baby quilts for my grand babies and 1 lap quilt for a family member who just had to go into a nursing home . My 5 kids all want quilts. I'm just making the lap quilt and baby quilt , then My father who is a World War 2 and Korean war Veteran ask me to make lap quilts for the VA Hospital or VA home , So that is what I will do with Pride and Honor ,So I could really use your scraps. my email is thank you for sharing your beautiful quilts .

craftymom said...

I love your quilts .I am new at quilting I would love to win the scrap fabric . I am making lap quilts for our local VA Home.Thank You for sharing .

Heather371 said...

i recently did this design but not to this scale and boy it's time consuming to switch back and forth between stitches.

lovely quilt!


LindaK said...

Was the quilting done with a regular foot or a free motion?

Mama Spark said...

Linda K, I can't seem to reply to your comment via email but here you go. I used a regular foot for both the strait stitch and the wavy one. The wavy line was created by elongating a stitch on my machine.
It says this in my post, but in case you missed it I used stitch number 4 on my Bernina.

JoAnn SweetPepperRose said...

Hi, just wanted to say what a gorgeous fall quilt. I have warm jewel tones in my home all year, so I could easily find fabric scraps in those colors for a quilt like this one The quilt stitching is another matter though - the few I've done have been stitched by hand, and I can't do that anymore, thanks to arthritis. I MIGHT be able to do straight line stitching, but I know I'd make a mess of the the wave. Yours is stunning!

CyndiG said...

Your 1930's quilt is beautiful! I especially love the stitching you did when quilting. Someone was a very lucky recipient.

Nell said...

Beautiful quilts, I am new to quilting, but would love to have a go at your last quilt, what size are you coloured squares, thank you for sharing. Helen in Edinburgh.

Anonymous said...

I would love to give your scraps a new home. They could keep mine company and if I'm lucky, they may even multiply. Thank you.

Unknown said...

I definitely would pet them for a long time, then get to work making pillows and quilts to go along!!

Work in progress said...

I especially love that your quilts are all scrappy. I was an avid sewer so have lots of scraps myself and am always amazed how far a yard or two of material will go. My husband will tell you that I hoard material but I really don't ... it just multiplies in the box on it own. So Happy quilting love this site.

Leigh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Omgoodness I see this is from 2014 however I'm hoping you have accumulated so more scraps. I love quilting! So much. Quilting is my way to get away and relax. My husband is terminal and thank God already out lived his projected time. Plus we had a lady I met and was trying to help her get her act together. March 2014 she asked me to watch her 14 month little boy for a week. She didn't come back. Look story
Short by 10/14 we had obtained legal guardianship and by 2/14/2017 we finalized our adoption of our son! �� all this with our boy having medical issues of his own and spending tons of time at doctors and hospitals with my husband. Anyhow, spending a lot of time in medical offices and the hospitals I love to make and donate quilts to the oncology children's ward. It is right next to the adult oncology ward and my son and I visit. Needless to say, we are limited to disability income, now raising an amazing growing like a weed 5 year old and mounting medical Bill's. Quilting supplies are limited ��. So any scraps of fabric would be greatly appreciated and passed on to lovely children. Blessings. Brenda -

Mary said...

Love your colors and quilting. I’ve been wondering how to use the wavy stitch in quilting. Thanks for the inspiration. We are making quilts for people whose ho es have been restored after flooding. What size squares did you use and what is the size of the finished quilt?

Mama Spark said...

Mary, you are no reply so I will reply here. I can't remember what size I made these squares, but if I had to guess I would say 3.5 for the small ones and 6 for the bigger ones? You can make them any size you want to make the quilt finish at the size you desire. Hope that is helpful.

lbballenger said...

Do you mind if I say you have inspired me. I love this quilt so much. I see quilts like this in my future.

Unknown said...

What a great idea. If this really is current, I would love to have your scraps. I have a Granddaughter (3 years old) in Seattle Childrens Hospital with Lukemia. They have been so wonderful, I would love to send some charity quilts to them for those lovely little children to snuggle with. I could also make little pockets for their cords to go into from their feeding tubes.

Mama Spark said...

Unknown you didn’t leave an email so I hope you see this. The giveaway is closed (it was 6 years ago!). Good luck with your granddaughter’s chemo though!!

Kelly said...

Love your quilt. Free scraps so fun. I just got 2 big banana boxes. Hope whoever got it shows pics of quilts.

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