Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Weekend

It seemed like the weekend went on forever. 
Well, maybe that's because I had Friday and Monday off too! 
 We had a LOT of things to do this weekend.  
I got my hair cut and highlighted.  Pretty happy with how it turned out.

 I did sneak a little sewing in too.  
On Friday I got some work on the wedding quilt done.  
Between Friday and Sunday I got 3 rows finished.  

Of course no sewing time is complete without my helper

"Oh Hey Autumn!  Watch those paws, not too close to the needle!"

Saturday the hubby and son went off early in the morning to drive to 
Grand Rapids to go fishing with DD2's boyfriend.  
All they could talk about was the "one that got away".  

I "watched" the MSU football game while canning unending jars of salsa.

Sunday was spent recovering, doing laundry and cleaning up the mess.  
Then on Monday morning, we began the long hell that was canning almost 2 bushels of tomatoes.  Hubby was terrible at peeling them (I suspect this was on purpose), so I had to skin all of them!  

I'm not even sure how many jars we actually ended up with, 
somewhere around 30 plus another 6 jars of salsa, I think.
 We began around 10am and finished around 6pm.  I was beat!  
Standing on my feet at the sink for most of the day was grueling!!!

Now we will have lots of tomatoes to get us through though.  
There is still a bushel of peaches to can. 
 I hope hubby tackles that one today while I am at work! 
 I really disliked doing the pears all by myself last year.  

I really need to get into the sewing room to design my project for my secret stalker swap.  
It's in my head and part of it kept me awake last night too!

How was your weekend??



Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Your hair looks nice. Giggling about the canning. I called my parents the other day and my dad was saying that he spent all day making applesauce and canning it while my mother was off galivanting around with her girlfriends. Did I have any idea how many jars of tuna, and green beans he has had to can? She is just working him to no end. Canning is much more fun with my hubby around though.

dianne said...

oh yeah ... that DOES look like Tomato Hell ... i've been oven-roasting the surplus from the garden and then freezing them in ziploc bags - peels and all - cuz a Certain Little Someone here claims to be terrible at peeling tomatoes, too, and i am not gonna get stuck doing it all again this year ... are she and your Hubby comparing notes?!?

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