Friday, September 05, 2014

Happy Mail Goes Both Ways

I received a wonderful gift yesterday. 
 My dear friends Yuki and Hiro were visiting here with their son. 
 I taught Yuki how to quilt when they lived in Michigan.  
She brought me these really neat covered button kits and even showed me how to use it, 
(she thought I might not understand the instructions since they were written in Japanese!).  
So adorable!

I'm not sure what I will add them to but they sure are cute!!

I also received a book that I ordered in the mail yesterday.  
There are some stunning quilts in this one!  
If you don't have it you should as the photos alone are awe inspiring!  
This was my happy mail.

I also was able to help out someone in need on Instagram that was looking for 5" squares of 
Katie Jump Rope fabric for a quilt.  
I was gifted almost all the KJR that I have so I felt I should pay it forward from what I had received.  Here is what I was able to send to her.

I don't have the whole line so this is what I had large enough pieces to cut a 5" square from.

I was also gifted a fabric many consider the "Holy Grail" of fabrics from a friend. 
 I didn't have a 5" square of it to send, most of the bits I have are not that large.  
I did however have a 4" square so sent it along as a total "surprise" for her!!  
I can't wait for her to receive the package!!

Would you be excited if you received this in your mail box?

Paying it forward is almost as much fun as receiving such a gift isn't it??

I hope it makes her day!!



Jenny said...

i love fabric covered buttons. remove the shank in the back and you can glue a magnet on the back for the cutest fridge magnets ever!!! it is fun to share fabric!

margaret said...

you are so generous with your gifts said...

Fun mail coming to and leaving your home!

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