Monday, July 27, 2015

A Call For Help

I hope you all had a great weekend!  I had a pretty busy one.  
Well, let's be honest here, they are all busy in the summer right? 
 I decided that I need to make a quilt for a good friend that is ill.  
It was not on my "to do" list, and a few other things need to get moved around, but I can't help but feel like it's the right thing to do. 
 I want my friend covered in love and prayers!  

I participated in making a quilt for someone else that had cancer 
and my friend Lucia hosted it.  
You can read all about it on her blog post found here
 I am going to use her directions but different colors.
Here is the beautiful quilt we send out blocks for!

I just simply don't have the time to make all the blocks myself so I am asking for your help.  I also want my friend to know there are others praying for him.  

I want to make a simple cross quilt.  
This will let him know that there are many people praying for his recovery. 
 I chose a limited color palette to keep the 
quilt a little calmer than some that I have seen.  
I love the one above.  

I am asking for greens in the kelly, lime and forest color way as well as ANY gray from dark to light. 
The gray should be in the more clear gray not tending toward brown or blue.  Light, medium or dark are fine, keeping to modern, more manly fabric,
 not girly or novelty 
(unless you happen to have a Sparty!).  
Solids or prints are GREAT!  
Square, pieced, wonky, single, multiple skinny or fat, that part is up to you.  The only consistent part is the height needs to be 9".  
This means the finished size in the quilt will be 8.5", and the width is up to YOU.

Want to see a few examples?

 See the double cross in the top left corner?  I made 2 smaller crosses and sewed them together then cut the entire height to be 9"

As you can see I made some with a gray background and green crosses, 
and some with gray crosses.  
I made some with green backgrounds but only gray crosses.  
I'm trying to get an equitable distribution of gray and green but as I learned on the purple and gray wedding quilt, the color very quickly overwhelms the gray.  

**I need the blocks mailed to arrive by August 9th.**  

If you are willing to help, please email me at 
I will send you my address.

Here is a recap of the block details:

  • design: cross / plus (wonky, squared up, pieced, single, multiple) Like in this quilt here
  • size: 9″ high (8.5″ finished) and I’ll leave the width up to you (so that it looks like the cross blocks in the inspiration quilt above).
  • fabric colors: masculine greens and grays
  • fabric style: solids and prints (anything but feminine or juvenile prints).
  • deadline: August 9th or sooner
  • If you are on Instagram please post your photos and include the #beepositive
Just in case you need a tutorial you can find one right here on Mrs.Schmenkman's blog.  

As you can see the help is already pouring in, lazy cat!

If you are on Instagram I am using the #beepositivequilt  
I love the fact that we are making this an online "Bee".  I know why people do bees.  
It is so great to have all that *positive* energy all put into one quilt!!!

I realize it is a short turn around time but I certainly appreciate any help you can give.  

I am also hoping to get someone to quilt it at a discount as now that it is just me bringing home the bacon, these things add up!

So, thanks in advance to all of you for listening, and never fear, even if you are unable to send me a block or two, all prayers are GREATLY appreciated!

Have a blessed day!



~Diana said...

I'm on it, sent email :)

Sherrill said...

I'll make one or two and will get to work on it tonite!

Sherrill said...

Made my two..need your snail mail.

Judy in Michigan said...

I will help - what a great quilt and how kind of you to do this I'll contact you re: your address or just email me. You're the best!!

Shannon said...

I would love to help out. It will be a wonderful quilt!! I am sorry for your friend.

Shannon said...

I would love to help out. It will be a wonderful quilt!! I am sorry for your friend.

Judy in Michigan said...

6 blocks mailed this afternoon. Hope you like them.

Michele T said...

I would love to make some blocks... Hope I can find the perfect green fabric for your friend!! (I contributed a few blocks for Lucia's friend too!)

Sherrill said...

Did you receive my blocks yet? Hope so..get worried when I don't hear.

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