Monday, July 13, 2015

The Bridal Shower

The bridal shower went off without a hitch.  I thought I would share a few photos with you all. 
 It was also my birthday!  My sweet SIL made me some cupcakes so I could celebrate a little too.  
My even sweeter hubby planned an entire day of celebration that
 I will share with you all a little later in the week.

Notice the cupcakes say Happy Birthday Pam on them individually.  In chocolate!

Hydrangeas from the garden and this cute little swag with some photos.

Setting things up.  MOTB in the coral sweater with the bride-to-be next to her. 
 We hung photos from balloons around the room too.

My SIL, Julie, showing the pop she got with 
the names of the bride on one and the groom on the other.  
Such great attention to detail! 
 Good job Julie!

Julie and I did the game prizes.  Movie baskets and pedicure in a jar, jars.  
We also had a china plate that I had everyone write well wishes on 
for Ashley to remember her shower.

My SIL, Jackie, had her sister make the cupcakes (for the shower and mine). 
 She also decorated the desert table, so cute!

Two of the great aunts and one aunt (Julie)

Terrible photo, but you can see Ashley in the center opening some gifts, 
with her bridesmaids on either side.

One more quick look at the gifts I made.  A set of dish towels.

The whole ensam.  Two pot holders, oven mitts and dish towels, a trivet and a casserole dish with their last name painted on the bottom.  

The front of the trivet

And the back of the trivet.  Love me some ric rac!

It was a beautiful day and such a joy to share in celebrating Ashley's upcoming wedding.

Birthday celebration coming up soon!


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Love how your gifts turned out. Great job.

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