Friday, July 10, 2015

Of Oven Mitts and Pot Holders

I am trying something new. 
 I got a bee in my bonnet and decided that I wanted to try to make some 
pot holders and some oven mitts. 
I posted these on IG and someone commented that I was good at everything I try.  
OMG, I laughed so hard at that!  Please do NOT look closely at these as they are far from perfect.  
I hope to get better at this!  

 I have a few more things on my list but those were the first up.  
I Googled some pot holder tutorials and settled on this one.  
I think the Vintage Modern fabric drew me in, it's so adorable!  
The pattern was relatively easy although making bias for enclosing the seams was a pain.  
There were not clear directions about how to end the binding either, but I figured it out.  

I am making all these things for a bridal shower that I am co-hosting with all my SIL for our niece.
I love the colors and hope she does too.

As usual, Autumn was "helping" me.

Then on Monday I wanted to make the oven mitts.  I used this pattern right here.  
Although, the directions on how to put on the bias binding were pretty much non-exsistent. 
 I think I will take some photos and post how I did that at a later date.  

First I had to quilt the fabric for the mitts.  I decided to go with a diagonal cross hatch. 
 I put a piece of tape down so I had a straight line to follow.  
Then I used the walking foot guide thingy to do my straight lines.

I managed to get 2 and a half done before I ran out of thread!  Awe, NUTS!  
I had to run to JAF for more thread.

One kind of cool thing while I was at JAF.  I spotted the magazine I am in on the shelf!

I came home, had dinner and then back up to the sewing room.  
I was kind of crabby (like Crabby Appleton), so hiding away and sewing was probably for the best.
I got a ticket for turning right on a red (I thought it was a timed deal like by my house), then the IRS sent me a letter telling me they think I owe them a few hundred more dollars, and I ran out of thread.
Yeah, it was *that* kind of day.

At the end of the day though, as a good friend pointed out, at least I could see.  
Another dear friend is undergoing chemo, so I am thankful that I am healthy. 
 It is wonderful that my friend kept my pity party of one from getting too absurd. 
 Perspective is important. 

I did manage to get one oven mitt finished!  
Look, I made the lower peninsula of Michigan!!!

Autumn and I were exhausted!  I still have one more mitt to make. 
 I would like to experiment with making a trivet too.  I have an idea and will share soon. 
 For tonight though, bed!



dianne said...

okay, Ms. Appleton, you should know that i have taken up permanent residence on the Pity Pot and there is no room for you!!!

i do love the plaid!!! i think that i have some of that in the stash ... but i am faaaaaaar too lazy to make my own potholders or mitts, so yours will remain one-of-a-kind and i won't shamelessly copy your idea...

beaquilter said...

pot holders look great! said...

Cute pot holders and oven mitt. Love the fabrics you chose.

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