Thursday, July 09, 2015

Happy Fourth of July (a little late)

I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July. 

 We went to Austin Lake to celebrate with my husbands gigantic family! 
 There was a lot of good food, good conversation and even a boat ride with my sweet husband.  

I think it may be one of the only times I have been out on our boat with him. 
 Maybe once before.  Mostly he uses it for fishing.  
That's our boat in the foreground.

I even managed to snap a photo of my nephew with his incredibly adorable daughter,
 and my son with our dog, Abbey.

 Here is a view looking back toward the house

I managed to capture Abbey on the dock.  I was going out to get on the boat, and she waned to ride.

This shows some of the fam relaxing.  It's a fun group!

All in all a very relaxing day spent with family.  How did you spend your holiday?



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