Wednesday, July 29, 2015

WIP Wednesday

I am sooooooo close to finishing this Sea Glass quilt!  It is my almost finished WIP 
(linking up to Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday).  
I decided to do a two color binding and thought I would share with you what that looks like. 
 I wanted the Kona Pepper on the front and 
several of the greens in the front for the binding on the back.

In this photo 
you can see that the seam between the two colors actually falls right on the edge of the quilt.  
This makes it extremely easy to turn and gives you the exact same amount on both sides.  
Neat huh?

In this photo you can see the binding is all glue basted into place and ready for me to hand stitch.
Since I am developing arthritis in my hands (thanks for that body) gluing the binding down before I sew allows me to use less pressure with my left hand and that means less pain. 
 I used to hold so tight that the pain would shoot all the way up into my shoulder.  
It's at the point now where the left side of my left thumb is numb all the time.  
There is a name for it, that I don't remember but basically there is some nerve damage.
  Oh well, it doesn't stop me!  It just makes me find new ways to do things.

Of course I had my BFF "helping " me with this. 
 I sure hope the folks I am gifting this too don't mind a few stray cat hairs!

This is my view as I am finishing the binding.  Its the one strip down the middle of the back.
  My friend Kathy of Thread Bear Quilting did the amazing feather quilting.

I have approximately one more side to finish stitching down and 
then I can get to work on the Bee Positive quilt.  
Thank you for all your kind offers of blocks. 
 I can't wait to see what you all have made.  

As I left my room to go get my dinner last night this is what I saw.  
An incredibly messy sewing space, full of the things I love! 
 My beautiful quilt art on the walls, my table piled with current projects and fabric
 and a cat that I adore.  
Not to mention my beloved Bernina!  

I am so blessed!


2 comments: said...

Gorgeous colors in your quilt. I have heard several people talk about arthritis from quilting. Love your binding.

Judy in Michigan said...

Did you tell us how wide you made your binding? I will try that technique. Also, can you tell me some names of fabrics that have newsprint on them.,,the fabric has words and headlines, etc. I can't find it locally so I need a designer or name so I can look on line. Thanks!!

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