Thursday, July 16, 2015

My Birthday Extravaganza

My wonderful husband made a plan all on his own to celebrate my birthday (early) last Friday.  
He asked me to take the day off work so we could go on an adventure.  Well, color me surprised!  
We got up and headed out to a place in Ohio (we live in Michigan) for breakfast. 
 It was called The Speed Trap. 
 I really wanted their amazing sounding breakfast sammy (french toast with ham, turkey and melty swiss cheese), but what I had was 2 poached eggs and 2 pieces of bacon.
  Wayyyy less Weight Watcher points!

Isn't this place adorable?

Then he hands me this hand written list of all the quilt shops he had planned to take me to!
Now some of them were either not there, were a long arm business or were Electric Quilt Co 
(which I was not sure we could actually visit).  

First stop was a Little Touch of Heaven. Which I am pretty sure it was! Very nice owner here.

 I found some great OOP Vintage Modern here and bought all they had!

 Next up was the Door Mouse, in Bettsville, OH.  
This place was majorly overwhelming, but oh so fun to look around at!

I bought a few things here too.  Great neutrals for a quilt I have planned in my head, LOL.

The three solids are part of the above quilt.  The other 2 were "just because".

I could not resist these Scandinavian feel birds.

We were on our way to a park and saw this overflowing river.  The water was moving SO fast. 
The sheer power contained in this flowing water was fascinating.

We stopped at one park and it seemed like a nice one but he had a different one in mind 
so we motored on to it.

On the way there he stopped the car, lept out and began picking some wildflowers like a mad man.  Apparently they were for our picnic table lunch!

This is the park we stopped at. 
 He thought it would be a totally amazing park and where we were, at least, was a gravel road 
with a turn around, a port-a-potty and a "You are here" sign!  

The lunch was amazing and the wildflower view was fantastic, not to mention the great company!

See that cupcake right there?  He baked those from scratch the night before!

OK, on to more quilt shops!  The next shop was called The Busy Thimble
 Not much in the way of fabric for me but I bought a few Aunt Martha transfers here.

The Quilt Foundry in Maumee was an amazing shop.  
If you like Batiks they had an entire room devoted to that!  
I found some treasures here too though.

Some Christmas fabrics to make some Christmas stockings for a friend of my daughter's.

A little Marmalade and Scrumptious

I was so thrilled to find these Emma Jean Jansen prints!  Plus that gorgeous Grunge.

There was one more stop here at Quilt Heaven.  Cute shop, very friendly staff!

We did hit the Quilt Patch back in MI on the way home and I picked up some of the 
Christmas fabrics you see above at that shop.  
I picked up some sports fabric for my son's Michigan sports themed quilt.

I also bought a little pattern and template.  I am dying to use that template to cut into my scraps.  How fun would it be to get a little bit from every quilt you make and put it into a big scrap quilt??

So now my birthday celebration has come to an end.  
I hope you have enjoyed my day as much as I did! 

 Maybe you found some new shops to visit on your own travels!

Happy Travels to you.



Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow, what a great day! I've been to the Quilt Foundry a few years ago with a friend. You've got a keeper of a hubby ;-)

Michele said...

Oh wow. That was a fantastic way to spend your birthday.

Judy in Michigan said...

Super day for you and such a sweet husband!! What a treasure!!

Jacqueline said...

What a thoughtful and loving birthday day you had. He is a keeper.

Happy Birthday

Bonny said...

Wow! You just had the most perfect birthday ever!
Your hubby sounds perfect too!

Lesley Gilbert said...

What a great husband you have, taking you to spend money on fabric - what a great day out :)

Vickie Lewis said...

And did you pick up any free "Row BY Row" patterns at these shops? Glad you had a wonderful birthday!

Vickie Lewis said...
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margaret said...

what a great expression, colour me surprised not met that before. A wonderful day out you had, such a caring DH I fear they are few about but you have one. How great to visit so may quilting shops, I am envious of those who live in USA here the shops are few and usually quilt small, some lovely buys you have there.

Rosa said...

Happy belated birthday.Such a fabulous surprise.You will remember this day and your birthday for ever!

VickiT said...

While I think we would all agree you had an amazing day, I think your husband is probably the BEST part of your entire day and life. What a great guy! You're very lucky. Happy belated birthday! I'd bet any of us reading this secretly hope for a surprise like this. lol said...

Awe what a great gift a day that your hubby planned just for your! Love your acquisitions.

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