Monday, May 23, 2016

Shipshewana But With Different People

I feel that Shipshewana is a pretty frequent blog post title.  
This time I was going there with 2 friends from work. 
 I taught them how to quilt and talk about Shipshewana all the time so we finally made a  plan to go.

We drove the back roads down and it took about 3 hours.  
We arrived at the Davis Mercantile at the same time as a gigantic bus filled with women.  
They were all going in the first floor door and I knew the bathrooms are on the bottom floor so, after 3 hours in the car, we raced down to the bathrooms. 
 Guess what?  
We beat the crowd!!!

Next was to the resin furniture shop where resin bird feeders were the purchase of the day. 
 My friends bought many for their friends and for themselves.  
We finally got out of there, brought the feeders to the car and went to Little Bit of Lollys. 
 I totally forgot to take very many photos. 
 After fabrics were purchased we headed off for a pretzel at Jo-Jo's Pretzels.

Here is what I bought at LBOL.  All the fabric there is discounted.

Here is my friend Judith, eating her first Jo-Jo's pretzel

We then headed off to Lolly's where I purchased a few things, but not too many. 
 The one on the right says "Stitch".

After that we headed to the other shops in the Davis Mercantile.  
There is a huge tree right in the middle of the building!  
Here are all three of us on our shopping extravaganza.

I picked up these FQ at LBOL.  That sewing machine bag was too cute to pass up. 
 I love Vintage Home.  
Those note cards were adorable and look like my Mosen.  

This was what the trunk of Robn's Pilot looked like just after the time spent at the Davis Mercantile! We still had not gone to Yoders!  
That gray bag on the left was my cooler.  
I made egg muffins and Judith brought a coffee cake for our "breakfast" on the way down.  
Then I packed sandwiches for our lunch and everyone else brought stuff to go with lunch and snacks.  We had a picnic outside the Mercantile before heading down to Yoders.

After we were rested and refreshed we headed to Yoders Department Store.  
We spent about 2 hours here!  
Judith finished first so went to sit in the rocking chairs in the hall.
  I joined wanted to join her but there were no more rocking chairs left.  
Cow seat it was!

These were the things I purchased at Yoders.  
Aren't these foxes adorable??  
Seems like I am now a fan of fox.

I don't usually buy Thirties fabrics but could NOT resist these kitties. 
 I can use the purples in baby quilts and the red actually seems to go with several other lines I have.  The mint is always a good idea. HA!

Some people, bought a lot more than I did, LOL.

After we went there we headed to Yoder's meat and cheese shop
 for a few items before heading home.  
That's another reason to bring along a cooler, for meat and cheese purchases. 
 Sadly, the fry pie lady was closed. 
 Next time I will have to go there first!  

What did you do over the weekend?  Maybe you have some fun shops to recommend?



Ioleen said...

What a day, with friends fabric shopping. Sounds wonderful. I spent the weekend inside sewing and visiting with son and his girlfriend. It has rained all weekend (long weekend here in Canada) but we do need the rain.

Ann said...

A trip there is on my list!

Judy in Michigan said...

How fun!! Still haven't been there - on my list too. Thought of you Friday when we drove up to Petoskey and passed the Antique Tractor place. Hope you can make it up here in July.

Jennifer said...

How fun!

Jennifer said...

How fun!

Linda said...

Oh how I miss the trips to Shishe with friends! We moved 3 hours south so it makes it a 5 hour trip now. The only thing I would have done differently than you would be to eat lunch at the Blue Gate. I loved seeing your purchases.

Jacqueline said...

Road trips are always fun. said...

I have yet to visit Shipshewana. Maybe sometime this summer, or maybe when my mom comes to visit!

Val's Creative Life said...

Oh what fun you guys had!! Hey...I've emailed you to let you know that you WON a copy of Crafted Applique...but I'm not sure I had the right email me. So drop a email so I can get your win to you: Val's Quilting Studio.

Val's Creative Life said...

BTW: I'm your newest GFC follower! Nice meeting you.

Lisa S. said...

I am counting down the days til my annual trip to Shipshewana and I can't wait! Where did you find the bird feeders?

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