Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bridal Shower/Mother's Day Weekend

Last weekend was jam packed! 
 I finally, had that bridal shower I have been preparing for on Saturday.  
I drove the 2.5 hours (one way) with my SIL and that was nice.
  I love catching up with her.  
If you remember this is the one I have been making all the things for.

I will show you how I packaged the gift.  Let's "unwrap" the gift and show you.

This is how I brought the gift, all wrapped up.

I put everything inside a Pyrex casserole dish, a covered one.  So when she opened the cover...

She saw this.  Coasters were on the top

Next layer was the trivets

Under the trivets were the oven mitts

Under the oven mitts were the first set of dish towels

Under the first set of dish towels were the second set of dish towels

Lastly, when all was removed it revealed that I had glass etched their last name on the bottom (outside) of the Pyrex dish!  This way, if they have to take a dish, they always get it back!

The glass etching cream (Armor Etch) came from Michaels. 
 I used a stencil and a bristle brush. 
 I used my spray baste that I use for quilting to adhere the stencil letters to the bottom of the pan. 
 I drew a line with a Sharpie that was straight, so I could line up the letters.
  I cut the letters apart and spaced them on the dish, then held it up to make sure I liked the spacing.  Since I had to use the S and the L twice I had to make sure to leave room for those.  
Then I painted the cream on, let it set for 1 minute and washed it off in the sink.  
I have painted the bottom previously for gifts but I like this better and it will NOT come off.

OK so this is where I say, if you are my friend or relation and you KNOW I do this for showers, please don't do this at showers you know I will be attending.  
You would think I not have to say this but I know how crafty all my friends are! 
 Or just ask me if I am planning on doing it.  
If not, then glass etch all you want.  
Or etch something different, like glasses.  
If there is a stencil for it and you have glass, go for it!

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I leave you with a fun little flipgram of the whole loading process.

We went out to the farm for a Mother's Day brunch.  
Eric cooked eggs Benedict, sausage, hash browns, among other things.  
He made Mimosa's and also bought Diet Coke for me.
Weren't the plates beautiful?

My son brought me these beautiful flowers.

Beep was enjoying the warm day to enjoy a dust bath!

All in all a great weekend!



Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Great way to wrap your gift. Love your etched glass pan. Looks like the dust path was enjoyed.

Jenny said...

Such a lovely lot of hand crafted gifts. And I love the way you packed them in the covered casserole dish, complete with their etched name! Very clever indeed.

Unknown said...

LOVED your casserole gifts! The embroidered towels have such character! I'd love to know what pattern you used for your mitts. All in all - what a fantastic gift that anyone would appreciate!

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