Thursday, January 12, 2017

Craft University

The folks at Craft University contacted me and offered me the opportunity to take one of their classes (for free)
They wanted me to write a blog post about the course, so that means this is a sponsored post.  
They did NOT tell me what to write.

I chose the Design Quilts with EQ7 & Nancy Mahoney.  
The registration for the course can be found right here if after this you want to take it too! 

 Additionally there is a beginner EQ7 webinar with Nancy Mahoney that is less money and if you do that first you will receive a 20% off coupon code to use toward the full course.  

I have been dying to learn this program ever since I had EQ6 so this seemed like the perfect time to take them up on their very generous offer.  
I have to say that I really enjoyed the online course.  I learned so much!  
It was a little overwhelming but so amazing.  

Nancy is an excellent teacher.  
She follows a logical progression as she goes through the material. 
 I watched each hour lesson and furiously took notes. 
 I wanted to hear it all once before I actually opened up my EQ7 and worked along with her.  
 I would need to open the course on my iPad and do the EQ7 lessons on my actual computer.  
She did suggest that the program works best when using a mouse 
so I need to go out and get one of those.

There is a tip section that explains how to navigate in the program.  
They also have phone help for technical issues, instructor problems or general site issues.  
I didn't have a problem so did not use that feature, but it is nice to know it is there.  
Additionally there is a place to ask the instructor questions if you have any.  
I did ask some questions and Nancy herself answered those.  

As an example this was the first page of the beginning of the first lesson:
(shared with Craft University's permission)

As you can see there is a LOT of good information covered in just the first lesson.

Sometimes it was tricky to see what she clicked on as the camera was on the EQ screen 
but you can rewind and watch it so you can see it better. 
 I don't think there is any better way to be able to do that part though.

Nancy did a fantastic job of explaining and showing LOTS of examples of what she was doing.  
As I said I was taking lots of notes. 
 It would be fantastic if they had an actual notebook of all of this information that 
you could take notes in as you follow along.

I can't wait to design my Ocean Waves quilt in the program.
The whole time I was listening I kept thinking,
"Wow, this would make laying out of my quilt so much quicker!"
Not to mention effective use of color placement.
No more trying to erase the colors or starting over!  

You can change the colors so easily.
On the very last lesson she was talking about borders.
I don't know about you but when I get ready to put on a border I never seem to end up with what I thought I wanted to do.  
Either I change the fabric or the size or something.
Well in EQ7 you can scan in your own fabrics, and a photo of your quilt and guess what?
YES you can preview your borders using your fabrics and your own quilt.
A whole new world just opened up to me!

(shared with permission of CU)

I really loved this course!  
You have full access for one year from the time you pay.  

Now I know that sounds like a long time but I don't think it is really long enough. 
 Once you pay it would be nice to have access to the class forever, right? 
 Sometimes life gets in the way or you don't use one section and later wish you still could go back and view what you are SURE Nancy told you about that. 

 The good news is that YOU CAN have it forever!!
Look at the end of the video box and there is a green box with an arrow.
When you hover over it it says "Share Control".
If you click that you can download all of the videos and keep them forever.

How amazing is that???
No streaming necessary.
Download and take it wherever you are.

There are a LOT of great online courses over at Craft University. 
 If you have not checked them out you need to go and do that...right now!!

Tell them Mama Spark sent you ; )

I would love to hear of your experiences with Craft University courses.
If you can't afford the whole EQ7 course start with the webinar
I think the important thing is to just start.

What are you waiting for?



Lee Ann L. said...

I need a course to learn EQ7. I can't find any information at CraftU about closed captioning. :-( I am glad you benefited thought! :-D

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