Monday, January 09, 2017

Over The Weekend

What were you up to over the weekend?  I tried out my new doughnut pan.  
They were not perfect so I guess I will have to keep experimenting right? 
 They were pretty delish right out of the oven though.

I sat down to take a break from laundry and cleaning only to have Hallie snuggle up to me and throw her arm over mine.  
She is such a good snuggler!

I tried to sew on the Hallowedding quilt but Autumn insisted on laying right behind the needle so everything backed up on top of her. 
 Every time I would push her a bit she would complain.

Finally she moved over on to the quilt I put on my table for her to lay on. 
 She is doing much better on her medicine.  
She has gained 1/4 of a pound
 (now over 6 pounds!), 
and her thyroid and kidney levels are back to normal.  

How was your weekend?



Jenny said...

Yes you are right - those donuts look delish! Your two cats look very similar, are they litter sisters perhaps?

CA Bobbie said...

so glad to hear Autumn is doing better. Thanks for the update.

Jennifer said...

Yummy! Practice makes perfect.😀

Ioleen said...

Not sure there is a bad donut, lol. Very happy to hear that Autumn is doing better.

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