Friday, January 06, 2017

Ocean Waves QAL

Ocean Waves Quilt Along

We are going to start this thing today!

So you can maybe get planning your colors I have uploaded this worksheet.  
You can print it out and color it in.  If you are working with scraps then never mind, LOL.  
If you are working like me using different fabrics for each quarter of the block but all the same color family then also never mind.

Ocean Waves Coloring Grid 

I am planning on using 3" squares to make the HST blocks required for this quilt, and trimming them to 2.5" squares.

You will need 48 HST squares per block, and 16 2.5" background squares per block.

To make this queen sized you will need 36 blocks.
Each OW (Ocean Wave) block will be 16.5" before sewn into the quilt.
Finished size will be 99" x 99 

You can make any size quilt you like though.

I am planning on making my HST by cutting 3" squares of navy and white (my background).
I will be using my Clearly Perfect rather than drawing a line.  If you are drawing a diagonal line you will sew 1/4" away from both sides of the line and cut on the line.
Press to the dark.
Trim to 2.5" square.
Total number of HST is 1728

You can get 14 three inch squares out of a 3" x WOF strip.
So if you are using one color for your entire quilt you would need 62 strips of your colored and your background fabrics.  Plus an extra 2.5" strip (36 of them) to cut out the 2.5" squares for each block.
I hope this makes sense.  

I am hoping to get to my cutting soon.
I need to finish up my Hallowedding quilt first! 

So this is the beginning.
Select your fabrics.
Plan and execute the cutting.
Start sewing the HST
When finished trim the HST to 2.5"

Once I am beginning this I will post my progress.
In an upcoming post I will post a linky so you can post your progress too.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's progress
Please grab the button and put on your blog and spread the word!
Use #oceanwavesQAL on Instagram to post your progress too.  
Find me on Facebook at Mama Spark's Quilts and post there as well!!!

Happy planning, enjoy your weekend!



Myra @ Busy Hands Quilts said...

I am planning on quilting along with you! I've posted your quilt along on my 2017 Quilt Along Linky to get more exposure.

Karen said...

I'm being lazy- what kind of yardage does this work out to? said...

I just ordered my background fabric. Now to figure out my scraps. Can't wait!

Susan Lynn said...

I finished an OW quilt in November. It was a long term project. I made my blocks out of 3 inch squares, also. I would make a few when I had some time. I bundled them up in piles of 100 hst blocks. When I thought I had enough, I started sewing them together, with a solid royal blue. I gave it to my sister for a Birthday/Christmas present. I used scraps for both the light and dark. I gave it to her in early December 2016. It was a lot of fun.

Rosa said...

I want to use my stash so mine will be scrappy.Happy cutting!

Toni Macomb said...

I too am doing a scrappy version. I'm also doing it a bit different as I don't want to cut all those solid color squares. Plus I prefer the look done like this: Of course many people would be nervous about the bias edges. I'm so glad you started this QAL. Ocean Waves has been on my list for a long time.

Gretchen Weaver said...

I'm thinking about this . . . . it would make a good rainbow quilt for the RSC project.

sophie said...

I have had an Ocean Waves project in mind for a while ... you may motivate to pull out some scraps and sew along.

Theresa said...

I started making half square triangle. Then I thought about the center and outside of block. Your graft seem to eliminate the larger triangles. Is that correct? I love this quilt and I would like to make it in scrappy blue and the same white. Please let me know about the bigger triangles. Thanks.

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