Monday, January 16, 2017

Meet Mrs Bumble

I have a friend at work that is CrAzY about Yeti.  
She is expecting a baby and she is decorating the nursery in a Yeti theme.  
I remembered a pattern for Bumble from the Rudolph tv show and went on the hunt for it. 
 It is at a site called Fandom In Stitches.

If you are looking for something that has a fan base you may want to look there first. 
 Disney?  Harry Potter? Comics and super heros?  They have all of that plus more!  
I thought that was where I had seen Bumble and I was right!   
 It is under the Holiday Favorites tab.

OK so paper piecing it is.  It was relatively easy except for two things. 
1- The larger bottom section printed off the paper (not scaled of course).  
I printed it out smaller and measured the differences and
 translated it to my pattern which was successful.  
2-The pattern had all the pieces colored, which was so helpful. 
 All except for the background pieces!  UGH.  
I had to try to figure out what colors went where and 
did no small amount of ripping out and replacing until I got it correct.  

Of course inspector Autumn was right on "helping me"

Take a look at this eye section!

Here is Mrs Bumble all finished and trimmed up.  
My friend is having a little girl so the Bumble had to be in pink of course! 
Still considering adding a bow too. 

I wanted to make this a pillow cover so I had to add to the background.  
I would have made it larger but that is all the pink PB fabric I own right there.  

I went ahead and made a quick envelope back for it and it is all finished!
I just need to purchase a pillow form to go inside and it will be ready to gift
Well, unless I decide it needs a bow, which I would do first.  

What do you think?  
Bow or no bow?

What did you work on over the weekend?



mtquilter said...

Ms. Bumble is so cute! I think a 3D bow would really be cute but it's great as it is. My weekend was a search and rescue weekend, lol! I spent a good part of a day searching for a special ruler I knew I had and then a good part of yesterday trying to figure out how to use it. You Tube to the rescue! What did we ever do without the internet?
I've been wanting to ask if there is a pattern available for the cats on your blog banner? They are really cute. I have a friend that loves everything cat that I would love to make her something with those cute cats on it.

Jess said...

Love it! Definitely add a bow

Mama Spark said...

mtquilter-You are a no reply blogger so I will write my response here and hope you see it. Thank you for your comment! I will preview a few bows and see how I like them. Glad you found your ruler and I have no idea how we got along without the internet!

The cats are a free pattern on my blog. If you search using Cheddar Jack you should be able to find him. ~Pam

Judy in Michigan said...

Yes, a bow so Bumble won't be so scary to a little one. She is really cute and a bow would give the baby something to touch and feel (satin?) and suck on (he he).

Ioleen said...

A bow for sure. Mrs. Bumble is adorable.

Janice Holton said...

Awww, this looks exactly like the Bumble from Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer. Bumbles Bounce! Good memories. said...

Very cute. I think it looks like the Bumble from Rudolph.

Michele said...

It's perfect and I'm sure she will love it.

mtquilter said...

Thank you for the information on the cat pattern. I had looked under your tutorials for it some time ago, but it was probably before you put it there. Thanks so much for sharing! I also read your "No Reply" blogger info and have changed my profile. Thanks for that information too! I wondered why I never received comments back. I used to on some blogs. Maybe those used a different blog software or blogger changed things at some time. Enjoying your blog. Thanks again!

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