Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Quick Post

I just have a few minutes but wanted to share.  
Hubby and I made pasta from scratch last night for our dinner. 
 He also made some delicious chicken meatballs.  
He ground up one chicken breast and added some bread crumbs and an egg 
then baked them in the oven.  
If you have not made your own pasta you should give it a try.  It is pretty messy though!

I think we got almost as much on the floor as we made, LOL.

Here is what we got plus three more from a half recipe!  It was spaghetti.

Chicken meatballs under some Asiago cheese.  YUM!

Don't forget that tomorrow is WIPs With Friends day!  I hope you will be joining me.



Anna said...

there is nothing that taste better than fresh pasta...but the thought of making it...scares me...LOL

dianne said...

dang, girlfriend - now you've gone and made me hungry!!!

Bettina Groh said...

tell him to add some fresh spinach leaves and feta cheese to his ground chicken ... and cut down on the crumbs. This makes a great chicken burger on the grill. The local grocery store sells them in the meat case and I conned the butcher into telling me what was in them. His are about 1/2 lb uncooked which is too big for us...

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