Wednesday, January 04, 2017

WIPs With Friends

Happy New Year to all my friends out in blogland! 
 I am looking forward to a new year and new challenges.  How about you? 

 I am planning on starting the Ocean Waves QAL very soon.  
I hope to talk about supplies and such in my next post.  
For today though we will be concentrating on our WIPs.

Over the holiday break I finally got brave enough to tackle the Ring of Coffins block.  
It is the last block for the Hallowedding quilt.  
It involves EPP, which I have not really done much of.  
I understand the concept but have not jumped on the craze yet.  
It also involves some paper piecing which I really do enjoy.  
I got all my coffins paper pieced and here are a few of my favorites.

I used mostly fabric from the Ghastlies line for the residents of the coffins. 
 I love Sebastian, which you would probably already know since he is their cat.

I thought this cute little owl needed to be in the quilt.  I love that he looks like he is sitting in a tree.

This fabric was sent to my by my friend Jennifer and I was so pleased to be able to use it in the quilt.

I had some help while doing the paper piecing, LOL.

 I love that she wants to be near to me but this makes me so nervous.

I was taking a break and when I cam back this was waiting for me.  I, of course, had to relocate her.

I got my ring all sewn together and it was awesome! 
 I didn't use the whip stitch as I don't like that no matter how small my stitches are they show. 
 Instead I used the ladder stitch.  
MUCH happier with this one.  

Only one small (or maybe I should say BIG )problem with this now.  
The block was supposed to be 15" x 15".  Mine will be 21" x 21".  
WAHHHHH, how did this happen? 
 I followed the directions and decreased the size and still it was wrong.  
I even emailed the person that put the pattern out there and asked the info and it is still wrong!  
I wish when someone uses a pattern and they change the size from the original that they either publish the correct one or 
at least put a one inch line and tell the new length of that line so you can get it right!  
GAH!!!  (deep breath over here,)
 I WILL make this work!

So once I recovered from my mistake and realized what I had done, 
I had to choose a different background.  
The original was only half a yard and now would not be large enough.  
I had two contenders for the final ring.

This first one has my favorite CATS!

I really like the stripe too, it is such an unexpected choice.

In the end, I asked the person that the quilt is going to to choose, and she chose the cats.

Here it is all hand appliqued onto the background.  
I still need to trim it to the correct size.  
Overall I am pretty happy with how it turned out.  
The paper piecing took me over 10 hours!!!  Good thing I love her so much!!

This is not the best photo, but you can see all the blocks up on my design wall. 
 I have not put in the filler blocks yet.  
Good thing too since now I need to move some things around and will likely need to make a few more blocks to accommodate this new block!  
I have a few blocks that need to be put up too but they are all finished. 
(hmmm, I guess I need to find those!)

So that takes care of me.  What are you up to?

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4 comments: said...

Love the coffin ring. I agree I prefer the cats also.

Ioleen said...

Love the cats and the owl.

Marlene said...

Your coffin ring is great and the cats certainly was the right choice of fabric-looks fantastic. How frustrating with the pattern not being the expected size but glad it turned out ok in the end. Looks a super quilt.

Michele said...

I love your coffin ring too. Some day I'm going to work at making some things from my big pile of Ghastlies.

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