Friday, April 07, 2017

Pattern Testing

I *finally* chose my background fabric for the pattern I am testing. 
 I went over to my friend, Crazy Quilt Girl's house and brought my focus fabrics.  
We laid them on lots of different backgrounds.  
The one we both liked the best was Kona Jade.

Even though the pattern uses a patterned background I think this will work, or at least it will work for the effect I am going for making this quilt. 

 If I'm cutting a bazillion diamonds, they should be a color I love right?

These are the fabrics I am using for the focus prints and they looked really great on the Jade.

I didn't remember to take a photo when I got home so this will have to do.  
(Hey anyone else notice it is almost the same color as my mat? LOL)

So I see emeralds (actually diamonds) in my future this weekend! 
 What will you be up to?



Dolores said...

Yes, I did notice the colour but didn't want to say anything...

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