Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Fabric Pull and My Big Mouth

I volunteered to test a pattern for someone.  
I did not fully realize what I was getting into, I admit it. 
She sent the pattern and there are 196 diamonds that need to be cut, LOL.  
I ordered my ruler and pulled some fabrics. 
 I think it will make a cute picnic quilt so was 
thinking about using some of my Lizzy Dish fabric by Lizzy House.  
It is an older line and has dishes and silverware on it.  
Now I need to determine what I want to use for the background.

 I could use the white pearl bracelet fabric, but am thinking that I might want to try a color, especially if I use it for a picnic blanket!  
Maybe an aqua?  I could use yellow but I am not the biggest yellow fan, LOL.

I have quite a bit of this line all except for this one yellow print!  How odd is that?

Luckily a friend has some that she is willing to send me for this quilt.  I have really great friends!

Guess I had better figure something out for the background now.  
Also, I need to get back to making fish.
 Diamonds have to be first since that quilt has a 3 week turnaround time!! 
 If you need me, I'll be off cutting a bizillion diamonds.



Unknown said...

Love the aqua idea, or light rust since the fabric has a lot of blue/Aqua.

Jan @Cocoa Quilts said...

Can hardly wait to see what a bazillon diamonds looks like in a quilt. Happy Cutting.

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