Thursday, April 27, 2017

Prayers For Beep

That's right.  
I'm asking all of you to say a quick prayer that our pet peacock, Beep, 
comes out of her surgery well today.  
She ate some things she should not have (one being a needle) and they will open her up and remove said things today, very soon.  
My daughter (Beep's mom) is a nervous wreck, as am I.  
If that itchy rash I have was not bad enough before, the stress of this is making it so much worse!

Praying Dr. G is successful and that Beep recovers and is back to her old self soon.  
Thanks friends, we all really appreciate it and I will keep you posted.

Beep at Easter 2017

Beep modeling her new diaper


Beep Update:

Beep is out of surgery and they are waking her up now- she's to the "breathing on her own and heartbeat is stable" stage. The vet got the needle out but could not find the button still. He managed to get into her abdominal cavity without cutting or injuring her air sacs, which was the major worry with cutting into a bird. The needle had gone through the stomach wall into the cavity and had poked a bunch of stuff to the point where it... it basically caused her insides to scab up, and things were healing sticking together that were not supposed to be together. But he pulled the needle, fixed the adhesions, cleared out dead tissue around them, and got her put back together again. I will let you know when I know more/when she is fully awake again.


Judy in Michigan said...

Bird prayers going her way!

Marlene said...

Sending healing thoughts Beep's way.

Toni Macomb said...

Oh my Goodness! Poor Beep! I'm thinking nothing but positive thoughts for her. Hugs! said...

Oh Beep obviously thinks that she needs to learn to sew. Hope Beep and you recover soon

BillieBee (billiemick) said... sorry to hear this. Prayers from Texas for a speedy recovery.

Ioleen said...

Good news. Get well wishes sent Beep's way.

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