Wednesday, April 05, 2017

WIPs With Friends

It's Wednesday again and you know what that means.  
WIPs With Friends time!  
I have not been able to do a whole lot of sewing but I did manage just a little bit last night.  
I needed to make the label for the Legendary (Baby Big Foot) quilt.  
I decided to make an inverse colored tree.  
The trees on the front are a color and the background is mostly white. 
 So my tree for the label is the background fabric from the front and a color for the background! 
 I still need to write on it, but this is how it turned out.  
The Yeti print on the bottom is what the backing is made out of.  
I used the same striped fabric in the trunk that I used for the binding!

The other thing that I managed to work on is another fish!!!  
This is officially the most difficult block I have ever made!  
Each of the 2 body sections took me about 2 hours to piece, the tail another 2 hours and the background and assembly another 2 hours.  
It's tough as there are no matching points on the pattern 
so I was VERY unsure how to match this up to assemble it.  
I took a chance on placement.
Getting the paper off was not easy either.
The center seam line is insane!!!!!
It is so thick it is very difficult to make the fish lay flat.
I'm not sure but hope it won't break any needles when it is being quilted!

While I love how it turned out I think this will be an only fish in the quilt.  
I had a lot less trouble with some of the other fish so may make more of those. 
He sure is cool though!  
I have one more different style fish to piece.  
Then I have to decide if I want to make any of the same fish but swimming in the other direction.  
Do I want to make the fifth fish that is different swimming in the opposite direction 
(signifying the baby).  

I'm feeling like I need to make some pieced water blocks now and play with the layout to see if I need to make any additional fish blocks.  
I really want some negative space of just the pieced water to be in this quilt too.  

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dianne said...

he IS a cool fish! and pieced water blocks sound like an EXCELLENT idea ... yeah, a much better idea than a gazillion more paper-pieced fish! just keep swimming...

Stephanie said...

That fish drew me over here from the link party, it's so lovely! Love the soft watery colours too.

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