Wednesday, April 19, 2017

WIPs With Friends The Birdie Stitches Edition

I am so excited to talk about my Birdie Stitches quilt.  
I started it in 2011 when Little Miss Shabby 
(now called Coriander Quilts) 
designed the birdie embroideries.  
If you want to make the blocks she still has them up and you can find the free patterns here
 I took my time and did the embroideries and made them into blocks.  
Then I took my sweet sweet time making it into a top.  
THEN even longer making a backing.  
I made the top out of Dream On by Moda and used vintage sheets for the backing.

I have had this ready to go to the quilter for a LONG time now.  
Next enter a new friend.  
I'm not even certain how exactly we became friends on Instagram but we are.  
She has a long arm business in California and does amazing work.  
I decided I wanted to send my Birdie Stitches to her and see what she would do with them.  
I really wanted something stunning, not just an overall pattern. 
 Let me tell you she is not disappointing me!!!  
She started on it last night and it looks GREAT so far.  
Here are some of the blocks she has taken pictures of as she is quilting.

I can not believe how amazing this is turning out!! 
 It is my WIP but just for trimming and binding. 
 I am taking an EQ class Thursday-Saturday so it will have to be later than that.  
My friend, Darla, that is doing the quilting is hoping to send it back to me on Friday, so I think I should be able to make binding this week and get the next quilt in the mail to her. 
 I still need to make the back for that one too.  
Hopefully tonight.

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Terry said...

Beautiful! said...

Very springy. How nice to finish up a project and love your quilting.

Lisa J. said...

I'm listening to the birds chirp outside my window as I read this post. It's a very cute quilt. You did a wonderful job on the embroidery and the quilting.

mtquilter said...

Sew cute! Love the quilting. She did a great job!

Ioleen said...

Beautiful, amazing and stunning!!!

anna said...

This is really cute. I think it has been just about forty years since I have done embroidery, I think it's time to learn again.

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