Friday, September 22, 2017

Folksy Fish Finish

I've been sitting on this finish until the quilt had been received and then life intervened.  
My daughter has a good friend that had a baby.  
I have adored the pattern Folksy Fish ever since I saw it.  
If you *need* the pattern you can find it here.
They decided to decorate in a fish theme.  
Now I could make this pattern. 
 I collected up the stuff and began working on it. It was a really hard pattern for me!!  
All of the fish were paper pieced but I was not understanding how to assemble them.  
 I also decided to improv some "water" and that took me much longer than I anticipated too.  
Good think I started early!

On to the quilt
  I call it Too Cool For The School.
Good thing I love this girl!

This fish represents baby Jack.

Kathy at Thread Bear quilting did the quilting

 I asked for wavy lines, seaweed and bubbles.  I love how it turned out!

This fish was the most labor intensive.  Those white lines were all paper pieced.

Once I finished the fish paper piecing they had to be sewn into the background in a curve.

Wooo, lots of new stuff to learn!

I could not resist making one "cat fish".

You can really see the seaweed and bubbles in this section.

When we were in Florida in the spring I found the perfect backing fabric too.

I snuck in some little animals too.  

Also the word "fly" (dad is a fisherman) and "love".

Here is baby Jack on his new fish quilt.

I did hand embroider the label.

The new little family.

Even the doggie got in on the action.

It makes my heart so happy when I gift something that was so much work and is so appreciated!
The mama, messaged me right away to let me know how thrilled they were with it!

Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts Finish it Up Friday.

Speaking of Friday, have a good weekend everyone!

It's good to be back!


6 comments: said...

Oh your quilt turned out so cute and what a sweet baby

chrisknits said...

This is such a sweet quilt!! I am sure it will be treasured.

Jenny said...

Such a lovely quilt and a lovely young family. Don't they all look happy!

Robin said...

GREAT quilt. You thought of everything with the special fabrics tucked here and there. No wonder you picked up the pattern, it's very clever.

Angie said...

Very beautiful quilt! Love the cat fish!! Enjoy your day!!

Shelley said...

Love it and love the cat fish! A beautiful and fun gift!

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