Wednesday, September 06, 2017

WIPs With Friends

I really don't have any WIP's to show currently.  Oh don't get me wrong, I have plenty of them.  
We are getting ready to go on vacation (maybe, if Irma doesn't spoil it) .
 Our plan was to go to the Outer Banks in NC to visit with our daughter.  
We are going to have to keep an eye on Irma and see where she lands.

Last night, instead of working on a project (as you saw yesterday, I finished up a few things) 
I went into my stash and started posting things for sale.  
If any one is interested in Halloween fabrics I will post them here too and you may purchase.  
I will do another post with that in it.

Hallie brought me a "bad mousie" last night, left it on the front porch on the welcome mat for me!  She spent time "helping" me destash last night.  
Should I have been doing that last night?  Heck no!  
I needed to spend time cutting out the next WIP.  I have the sashing cut, but not the main part. 
 Maybe tonight?  
Although I still need to make a meal plan for next week and shop for said items.

I did finish my chenille blanket so this is after it came out of the washer and dryer.

Your turn.  What are you working on?  I will link up with Sew Fresh Quilts.  Will you link up here?



Rebecca Grace said...

Your blanket looks so nice and snuggly soft! We're in Charlotte, NC but my in-laws are in Naples, FL, so we've got an anxious eye on Irma as well.

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