Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Quick Destash

I have a few things I am destashing.  
If you want something just claim in the comments. Note the group (if there is one) and the letter.  
Anything with a green X on it has been sold.
 I will need your paypal to send an invoice.  
Shipping is NOT included in the prices.  I will do the cheapest shipping.
Feel free to make me an offer although most of the prices are pretty cheap to begin with.  
Smoke free cat friendly home.
Here we go!

Seven FQ of Moda Chez Moi $15

22" Yorkie fabric $3

Halloween panel 41 x 23" $7

42 black Halloween 5" charms $5

Nine fall 5" charms and one house block $1

Purple and green 5" charms plus the cats at the bottom of the photo which are 13 x 20" $3

Group 1:  A-13 x 16 $1, B-22" xWOF $2, C-13 x 22" $1, D-18 x 20" $2

Sparkly bats and orange swirls (size in photo) $3 each

Halloween scene (there are a few cut outs, but that is accounted for) 2.75 yards $20

Group 2: B-13 x 24" $1, C-13 x 20" $1

Group 3: A-13 x 22 $1, C-11 x 13" each piece $1 both, D- 12 x 13" $1

Group 4: A and D are FQ $2 each, B is 18 x 33" $4

Group 5: A, B, C all FA $2 each

Group 6: A and C are FQ $2,  B 15" x WOF $3

I would love for all of these to find new homes!



Anita Kendall said...

If there are any 5 inch Halloween squares, I would like to buy. Paypal okay? Anita

Anita Kendall said...

Sorry skipped Paypal address - it's for both sets Halloween 5 inch charms

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