Thursday, September 21, 2017


We just returned from a trip to the Outer Banks of NC (or OBX as the natives say). 
 We drove for 15 hours to get there with our camper. 
 The kittens did great in the truck and even used the litter box I set up for them.  
This is our first BIG trip in our new camper.  
Feel like coming along?  Here we go!!

The kittens took up some of their favorite positions, laying on one or the other of our laps.

We went up and then down Sandstone mountain and that was a BIG elevation!

Once we crossed over from Manteo we were on the endless bridge connecting all of the OBX.

In one spot they are building another (or a replacement) bridge.  Notice the crane in the water???

On the way to where we were going we passed through Pea Island wildlife sanctuary.  

This is our camper and truck all set up in our campground.  It was only about a block from the ocean!

It's difficult to see it but the ocean was pretty rough for the first 2 days due to hurricane Irma.

We walked down the beach and there were several places that had sea turtle areas marked off.

This sea gull looked like a weathered old man.  
We thought he should have a cap on and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth saying, 
"Yeah, I've seen some stuff".  

When I turned around from the ocean this was the view.  
Mostly rental places I think but they were all so colorful.  
The aqua one was my favorite!

The boys adjusted to life in the camper like champs.

They especially loved napping with our daughter.

One of the side trips was to Cape Hatteras and the lighthouse. 
 I did not know that all the paint jobs on all the light houses 
(day colors)
 are different as are the light signals.  

We stayed for the presentation by the ranger.  
She chose our daughter (on the left) to be part of the program.  
She said she usually uses a child and since she was the  youngest in the audience 
(excluding the baby) 
they used her.  
It was a wonderful and informative presentation.

Due to beach erosion they had to move the lighthouse and that was quite a feat!  

We went to climb up the stairs (257) to the top but due to the wind we couldn't go outside.

This was the view as I panned from the open doorway at the top of the lighthouse.

We stopped for ice cream at a place called Fatty's Ice Cream.  
They had really good ice cream!  We made hubby pose in the fat sea gull cut out, LOL.

That night we ate a wonderful dinner at The Captain's Table.  The scallops were amazing!!!

More tomorrow.  
This post is already getting photo heavy!

Up next is our trip to Jockey's Ridge and the Kitty Hawk.



Robin Klein said...

Love that the kittens seem to enjoy being in the driver's seat (or lap). It is a shame it is so windy for your visit. After the hurricane where I live in FL there wasn't even a breeze! It is windy a lot at Hatteras that is why the strips swirl around the Lighthouse right? All the wind (and big storms)? :)( said...

Great the kittens are world travelers already. Makes me giggle the stormy beach is kind of the norm for the West Coast beaches along Oregon, Washington, and California.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Everyone looked quite content.

Judy in Michigan said...

Love OBX and I think we ate at the Captain's Table when we were there. Our daughter lives in Eliz. City. Did you drive the Columbus/Charlottesville/Richmond/Norfolk route? Such a pretty drive. That's the way we go.

Lesley Gilbert said...

What a big camper you have, the cats could get lost inside :p Lots of photo's to look at and 2 nice video's - keep them coming :)

Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

I've always wanted to visit the Outer Banks. Hurricane Irma wreaked some havoc with our vacation. We had a cruise that was canceled. We didn't make it to a beach, but we did manage to still have fun. Just now catching up on blog reading and enjoying your pictures. Happy sewing! Andrea

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