Wednesday, September 20, 2017

WIPs With Friends

As you know I have been on vacation and I will post all about the fabulous time we had while we were gone but down to quilty business first. 
 I worked on absolutely nothing while I was gone!  
Both good and bad right?  
I managed to get just a few squares cut out for the fish quilt on Sunday.  Honestly I was exhausted.  We drove for over 5 hours on Sunday after driving for over 10 hours on Saturday.  
We dropped the camper off at the farm and headed home around 5pm and then there was still unpacking and laundry to work on. 
I did all the unpacking and started the laundry then I wanted some time in my sewing room.

As you can see even Cole was exhausted!  
The kittens NEVER come in my sewing room and lay right down, but he was pooped!

This is a photo of the fish fabric mess I am working on taming into blocks 
for another Ob-La-Di quilt.  

On Monday my daughter asked me to come over and help her tube feed her male peacock Des.  Apparently this silly bird has eaten too many rocks and got dehydrated.  
I had to hold him and stretch his neck up while 
she put the tube with the food and liquid down into his crop.  
Ahhh fun times at the farm!

So except for my trip, that's all I have to report.  
Work is crazy busy upon my return, keeping me away from my computer and posting before today.

Your turn!  What are you working on?  I need some inspiration!!!



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