Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Homeless Pets In Need of YOUR Help

Feeling like you want to help all the homeless pets during this time of crisis (or any time of crisis)?
Well hunt no more!  
Over at The Quilt Pattern Magazine, you can join the ranks of other quilters pitching in and sending small kennel quilts to shelters overflowing with homeless pets.

All of the requirements are on their website and can be found right here.  
The size of the quilts is certainly do-able.  
They are asking for 12" x 18" quilts.  Just right for small dogs and cats.  

You can find them on Facebook also right here.  

If you are interested in helping the Texas animals in the aftermath of hurricane Harvey 
here is the mailing information.

There is a form you will need to include with your donation and it may be found right here.

I know you all have scraps laying around and batting too.  
Everything needs to be 100% cotton (even the batting) and washed.  
They even provide you with some free patterns!

I hope everyone takes some time to sew up a few of these small quilts.  
Personally I think it will take longer to choose the fabric and pattern then to actually sew it up!

I would love to see what you make and they encourage you to 
post your finishes to their Facebook page too.



Snoodles said...

Thanks for helping to spread the word! You rock!
Snoodles at Lilypadquilting

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