Wednesday, January 31, 2018

WIPs With Friends

Wow, crazy Michigan weather over here.  
It was almost 50 on the weekend and on Monday we got 3" of snow!  
What the heck, Michigan?

I had a super busy weekend (well really what weekend isn't when you work?)
I *finally* had time to take all the Christmas decorations down and put them away.  
I think that must be some kind of record for me, letting it go on so long.  
The health issues of my son took over the 2 free weekends I did have until now.  
Did laundry, grocery shopping, cooking (the usual).  
Took laundry over to my son's house and ended up spending the evening with him.  
Then made him some dinner so went back on Sunday to deliver that.  
Anyway, I did manage to sneak in a bit of sewing too.  
Not much mind you, just enough to keep me sane, LOL.  
I saw this big goofball when I was visiting my son too.  
She is starting to get a little bit gray around her muzzle.  

I had some Bee blocks that I needed to get made so I got right on that.  
The free pattern is a modern heart by Threaded Quilting Studio.  
It is paper pieced. 
If you have never done paper piecing this would be a great one to start with.  
It was super easy and she even tells you what size to cut everything 
(although I cut the strips slightly longer and that worked better for me).

We were supposed to make 2 that were dark gray background and the heart was to be low volume. 
 I made my 2 then made a "reverse" one.  
I did this in a previous bee and she used it in the quilt and it really made the quilt.  
We will see if our lead person decides to use it or not.  
If not, maybe as a label?

Then I had to decide what I wanted to work on next.  
I have a LOT of WIPs and thought I might work on the ones that are the closest to being finished, 
but I really just wanted some mindless sewing.  
I chose to work on some Ocean Waves blocks. 
 I managed to sew up 3 more and sewed and trimmed enough HST to make 2 more!

I am officially half way now!  I have 18 of these blocks made. 
 I am anxious to make some more. 
 Sewing HST really is quite mindless sewing and so is trimming
 (using my trusty Bloc-Loc ruler).

So, I will link up with Sew Fresh Quilts and I ask you to link up on this blog with your WIPs.



Preeti said...

Oh my goodness, your HSTs have points so perfect that they are making me jealous. I struggle with HSTs all the time. I really like those grey paper-pieced hearts. They are very modern, indeed.

Ioleen said...

Love the grey hearts.

Rebecca Grace said...

Like Preeti, I am amazed that you describe your FLAWLESS HST points as being just "mindless sewing." If that's what mindless sewing can accomplish, where can I sign up for my lobotomy???

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