Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Finn Is Missing

On Monday night my husband had our cat Finn outside with him, 
but not on a leash and now he is gone.  
We are heartbroken.  
He thought the cat would come to him when he called but he did not.  
We have looked all over our neighborhood and the next door neighborhoods, handed out flyers, gone searching in the woods, put up posts of FB, For Love of Louie, Humane society, Nextdoor and several FB buy and sell local groups. 
 I have reported him as lost to our microchip company and the Humane Society 
(they have a board where you can post lost pets, this way they also know if someone turns them in).  We were out calling for several hours last night.  
I put out his litter box, his pillow, food and clothes of ours. 
It is getting cold here and I am so worried about my poor baby.  

I realize there is nothing you all can do as most of you live far from me but maybe you can offer up a prayer for a safe return of Finn to our home.  
I know my husband feels awful about it. 
 He and Finn are best friends. 
 This is the first cat that has totally bonded with him. 
 I don't think he understood that cats don't act like dogs as
 all our other cats would come back when called.  
Please keep Finn and us in your prayers. 
 I miss that little fuzzball SO much and am hoping he is in a home somewhere and that they will take him somewhere where they can read his chip and get him home.

Finny, please come home.  Your family misses you so much!



Material Girl said...

Prayers for Finn. I’m so terribly sorry. Hope he’s home soon. Beautiful cat and he looks so loving!

Toni Macomb said...

I am just sick on your behalf. I moved a few years ago and kept my inside, outside, cat in the house for a week. The first time outside, he left. He was gone for 4 days. He was an older cat and I was sure he was gone forever. But about midnight of the 4th evening, he woke me, crying at the door. I wish you the same luck. Hugs!

Judy in Michigan said...

Look under the bushes around your home. Sometimes they hide there and maybe are afraid that you will be mad at him (I have no idea where I got that idea) but our cat hid right by the front door in the bushes. I am heartsick for you! Finny come home!!

Cthompson said...

My heart breaks for you. Like someone else, our cat went on vacation for 5 days and then retuned. Hope he returns to his loving home soon. Keep us posted.

Shirley said...

I am saying a prayer for Finn's safe return home and will continue to do so. I had checked your Instagram post to see if maybe he had come home. It hurts my heart to think about him being lost.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

So sorry. Hope Finn comes home soon.

Lesley Gilbert said...

Wishing Finn a safe return home very soon - hope you don't have to wait too long before you cuddle him again x

Sharlyn said...

Prayers sent for Finn and you. Cats are smart, hopefully he will be home soon

Connie W. said...

Keeping you, your husband and Finn in my prayers to St. Christopher. Experienced this once and can understand your heartache.

Bettina Groh said...

I keep checking your blog... hoping for good news. So sorry...

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