Thursday, February 20, 2020


We received a HUGE box in the mail the other day.  
It was from my daughter's In-laws, Rick and Julie.  
I could not imagine what they would be sending in such a big box. 
 Imagine my surprise when I opened the box and found THIS!

Rick makes these for friends.  We are such big Spartan fans.  It was an amazing gift!  

A full size football helmet with our last name and the year we were married, on it.

Just look at that Spartan head on this side!!

I forgot to take a photo of the back but it has our year and an American flag on it.

I am not certain how our family lucked out in the in-law department but Rick and Julie are fabulous!

Thank you so much from the bottom of our heart for such a thoughtful and unique gift!!!  
You guys certainly surprised us with this beautiful helmet!  
I think I am going to have to try to keep it away from our son though, LOL.  



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