Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Learning How To Use My Embroidery Module

My sweet husband bought me a magnificent new Bernina last year for my birthday.  
The Tula Pink 770 model! 
 It came with an embroidery module and I find that terrifying.  
I am determined to learn how to use it though (if it kills me).  
I signed up for the embroidery club classes at the shop he bought the machine from and 
he first class was last week.  
We learned how to embroider on a sweatshirt.  
I didn't like the design the class was teaching so went to the designs I have been buying from Embroidery and asked if I could use one of those.  
I managed to get it from the website onto my jump drive and into my machine.
  I even resized it and saved that on my machine.  

I chose a nave blue sweatshirt from the Sally Ann just in case I hated how it turned out.  
Turns out I love how it came out!  

It says:  Cats know how we feel.  they don't care, but they know 
LOL how true.

I took a video while the machine was stitching.  So fascinating to watch!

This is a little bit more true to color of the sweatshirt.

I am so happy that I am learning and look forward to becoming proficient at this in the future.

Any machine embroidery tips from you pros out there??



Bettina Groh said...

That sweat shirt is really neat!! Just like how our two cats feel!! Happy Lincoln's birthday !

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I, too, was terrified when I got mine over ten years ago; I used it a LOT when the grands were babies, you'll be amazed at how much you will use yours too. Keep at it, you're doing great. The sweatshirt is absolutely PERFECT! :)

Ioleen said...

Love the sweat shirt.

Dots said...

How wonderful is that? I love it. I have many times wished I had bought a machine years ago and learned to do that. So much you can do with it.

Betty C said...

You did a really good job.

AndreaMM said...

It looks great! has sooo many fun embroidery patterns, many are available as machine and hand patterns. It's easy to get lost for an hour on their website. Have fun with the new machine!

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