Wednesday, February 19, 2020

LARC Certification

I took a 10 week certification course last year and on Monday the university had a ceremony to honor us with certificates of completion.  
It was a LOT of information about how to be a Laboratory Animal Research Coordinator.  
This was the inaugural course and was by invitation only.  
I was honored to be asked to be a part of it. 

Rebecca Cunningham, our VP for Research was there to hand out the certificates. 
Bill Grear, our Assistant VP and Animal Program Compliance Oversite Director was there to speak.

We were awarded a certificate and pin.

Our PI's were invited and I managed to snag my boss to be my lunch date and attend the ceremony.  This is one busy guy especially since his promotion to Chief Science Officer of the University of Michigan, but he still made time to come with me and support me.  
I have been in his lab now for over 35 years.  
Retiring this year will be hard, he has been an amazing boss.

Working in scientific research is a very rewarding job, 
but recognition in a tech position is not common.  
It was nice that the university sees value in this program and I am looking forward to being able to help the university continue to make forward progress in its 
animal programs and regulatory compliance.



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