Monday, February 10, 2020

Quilt Retreat Weekend

I went away for a quilt retreat this past weekend with my SIL and a good friend.  
It was about 2 hours away from home.  
We go every February and July. 
 It started out in July to celebrate my friends and my birthdays.  
Then we decided once a year was not enough so we planned a February one.  
I packed a lot of things but ended up workin on only one project.  

I make and trimmed SO MANY HST blocks!  
I spent all Thursday night and Friday sewing and trimming HST.  
I need to make 15 more blocks to have what I need for my Ocean Waves quilt.  
I brought one block so I would be able to lay them all out correctly before I sewed them.  
I got all 15 blocks worth of HST cut and trimmed to the correct size 
(Thank God for Block Lock rulers!)

Friday we took a break and went to Seven Sisters quilt shop.  
Always a fun trip!  
(I always look bald when I pull my hair back!)

I didn't take a lot of pictures as I was too busy sewing. 
I made some mistakes on Saturday so put the project down and went to bed.  
I got up on Sunday and fixed them, but that took me over 3 hours of ripping and resewing 
and ripping and resewing some more.  
I finally finished 7 of the 15 I need for this quilt.  
I guess they will go with me to the next retreat! 
 It is going to be pretty when it is finished.  
I am cutting into my hoarded, beloved, Neptune for some of the blocks too.  
I didn't have enough of the navy to make the whole thing out of that but 
I did cut up some of the navy and all the colors.

Cori finished 2 quilt tops for the veterans.

My SIL, Mary, finished this quilt top for her grandson, using the Double Slice pattern

She got all the applique fused to this llama quilt top but still needs to stitch around it all.
She cut all the flowers and letters on her Cricut.  
I love how they turned out.
That llama face is adorable!

She got much of the applique fused on this under the sea quilt for her grand daughter too.  
She still needs her fin and everyone needs their faces finished.

So I finished 7/15 OW blocks and they got much bigger projects finished.  
'm still happy about getting as much done as I did.  
It is so boring to sew the same thing over and over but I know the quilt will be amazing and 
it is going to go on my bed!



Mrs. Goodneedle said...

What a lovely show and tell; looks like a very fun and productive weekend!

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