Thursday, May 19, 2022

Indian Summer Quilt

 I found a free baby quilt pattern on the Suzy Quilts website.  
It's called Indian Summer. The pattern can be found here.   
You all know how much I LOVE HST!  
It was a pretty quick quilt to make even with trimming all the HST. 
 I sized up the original squares from 7-3/4 to 8" so I would have trimming room once the HST were sewn.
I also numbered my fabrics and numbered the colors on the diagram on the pattern
I laid out my fabrics in number order too.
As I made the HST I put them in piles with numbers 1-8 on them.
This made the assembly MUCH faster, especially since my colors were so close to each other.

Here are my fabrics laid out in the order I used them.
(the second purple got pushed behind the darker one in the pic)
I used all solids I had in my stash.

Here are all my HST sewn. 
 I still had not pressed and trimmed here.  
I used my Bloc-Loc ruler to trim.
On the other side of the pattern is the diagram that matches this picture of the quilt.
I was able to label each of those colored triangles with a number that corresponded to the number I assigned to the fabric color I was using.
This made assembly much easier.
Oh, I still did some ripping, LOL.

You can see all my HST here all trimmed and labeled.

All my pretty trimmings.

Cole is always right where I am when I am sewing.

I will talk more about some assembly tips on this quilt in my next post.
I will show you the finished top too.
It is raining here today so no photos for me!

Going to radiation treatment 6 today (out of 15).
Things are going well so far!
Someone posted this on FB today and I feel it was speaking directly to me!

Have a great day!


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Love your colour choices.

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